Savisaar visits Moscow, meets with Gryzlov

  • 2006-03-22
  • By The Baltic Times

DIPLOMAT TOO: Savisaar is aiming to fortify his party's cooperation with the pro-Kremlin United Russia during his current visit to Moscow.

TALLINN 's Economy and Communications Minister Edgar Savisaar was in Moscow on Tuesday, where he met with the leader of the speak of the State Duma, Russia's lower house of Parliament.

Officials from the Center Party, which Savisaar chairs, said that the minister's trip was help lay the groundwork for cooperation between Estonia and Russia's ministries, in particular the Interior and Transport.
The two also discussed the much-maligned border treaty between the two countries, as well as recent political developments.
Gryzlov also heads the pro-Kremlin party United Russia, which in 2004 signed a memorandum of understand with Savisaar's Central Party. At the time Savisaar had been mayor of Tallinn, and many observers believe the cooperation with the Putin-loyalist party helped boost Center Party's image among the Estonian electorate, particularly noncitizens.
The Center Party blew away the competition in last year's municipal election and in Tallinn was able to form a majority council without a partner.In Estonia, noncitizens are allowed to vote in municipal elections.