Back to a fairy-tale world

  • 2006-01-04
  • By Milda Seputyte
VILNIUS - Once upon a time there was a girl who no longer believed in fairy tales. But one day she awoke to find herself in a land of make-believe, where she stumbled across the diminutive heroes of the Grimm brothers and Andersen and other sundry children's tales, forcing her to rethink her hardened skepticism.

This girl's adventures are the subject of a splendid new production 's "The Fairy-Tale Tree" 's taking place Jan. 4 's 5 in Vilnius' Siemens Arena. "The Fairy-Tale Tree" combines song, dance, theater and special effects in a musical extravaganza that cleverly intertwines the lives of some of the most popular fairy-tale characters. In fact, the production features more than 20 legendary folk heroes 's from Cinderella to the three little pigs 's who help tell the story of the hapless heroine travelling headlong from one tale to another.

Production designers went all-out to create the magical, foresty atmosphere of fairy tales. Walking into the Siemens Arena you might feel for a second being teleported into another world 's not unlike visiting Renaissance Faire or Disneyland. The costumes are vivid and lustrous, and you will have difficulty absorbing all the wonderful details.

Still, it is the music that steals the show. Combined in various styles of modern pop music, the brilliant voices of the likes of Violeta Riaubiskyte, Alanas Chosnau, Deivis, Egidijus Sipavicius are simply unforgettable. These are the very singers usually invited to take part in Lithuania's most important musical productions.

Is this musical for kids? Well, who else? But with all the sheer professionalism on display, adults should marvel as well.

For parents who want to cling to the Santa Claus-spirit of the holiday season a bit longer, the show is a must-see.

Tickets: 15-20 litas

Venue: Siemens Arena