TBT recommends - 2005-12-14

  • 2005-12-14


Wed 21 's 20:00 's After releasing their smash hit, "Moscow Calling," in 1993, Gorky Park became well known all over the world. And although they are not that famous in the United States anymore, the band has continued its success in the rest of the world. While still very popular in Russia, the group will always be known to Americans (who remember them) as the first Russian glam rock band to wind up on MTV.

The concert will be held in Rock Cafe

Tickets: 250 kroons (16 euros)

More info: www.rockcafe.ee



An old-time favorite has gone in for a major image change, evolving from something of an English pub into a high-class, highly refined Scandinavian restaurant. Tower has retained its laid-back, welcoming feel: soft light, tasteful background music and enlarged windows that face the cobblestone street front. The diverse menu recently includes tacos, pickled herring, snails, reindeer, chocolate parfait and Finnish blueberry pie. What a selection. At least this place has variety.

Location: Smilsu St. 7, (7216155)



All Stars is just the place for sports addicts. Fans are welcome to sit all day long at the bar, eyes glued to the big-screen TV. As if the projection screen isn't enough in-your-face sports action, All Stars offers an additional 15 plasmat screens to create an all-encompassing atmosphere. Although you may want to keep this quiet with the ladies, there's a betting center located at the bar for those feeling lucky. And every now and then a bona fide sports star shows up. So have your autograph books ready.

Location: Forum Palace,

Konstitucijos Ave. 26