TBT Recommends - 2005-11-23

  • 2005-11-23


Tallinn is well known for its decadent Medieval-style restaurants, and now there's one more of sorts for the count. Jump forward two centuries from Old Hansa and you end up in Le Chateau restaurant, a recreation of 17th century France. Louise XIV and his Royal kitchen have just introduced a new style of cooking and culinary display, courtesy of Lithuania's most reputed chefs. The restaurant proudly serves Haute Cuisine, which, even today, can be found in a traditional European kitchen. The only thing better than Le Chateau's gastronomic flavor is its wine.

Location: Lai St. 19, Tallinn

Tel: (372) 665 0928



The Belgian group, led by the nationally beloved singer Dani Klein, has been performing Spanish-inspired songs since 1986. Vaya Con Dios (Go with God) was formed when the already world-famous Klein merged with bassist Dirk Schoufs and guitar player Willy Lambregt from The Scabs. Their first release, the single "Just a friend of mine," became an overnight success with 300,000 copies sold in France. Today, Klein sings with a new band, Purple Prose, yet will always be loved for her role in Vaya Con Dios. And it's for this exact reason that her Baltic concerts are such gems.


Nov. 26 's 20:00 's Ice Hall

Tickets start at 80 litas (23 euros)


Nov. 25 -20:00 - Kipsala Hall

Tickets start at 8 lats (12 euros)