Split allegiance

  • 2005-11-09
I am amazed that the Lithuanian leader could criticize Germany for wanting a secure source of natural gas from Russia. Poland and the Baltic republics have made it clear that their first loyalty is to the U.S.A. and not to the EU. As self-proclaimed agents for the U.S.A., what do you expect from the EU?

A main objective of U.S. foreign policy is to weaken the EU, and it appears that the most active workers to this end are the U.K., Poland and the Baltic republics. It is certainly your right to be anti-German and anti-EU, and historically, perhaps, you are justified in hating Germany. I am not German, and in my opinion German's feelings of guilt let you act in such a manner. But if I were speaking for Germany, I would tell you to leave the EU and try to make a deal with the U.S.A., with whom you will be more at ease and feel more at home.

Hugh Williams