TBT recommends - 2005-09-07

  • 2005-09-07


Thu 8 - Sun 18 - 19:00 - The Estonian National Opera will start its 100th jubilee season with Verdi's much-loved "Othello," produced in cooperation with the Tampere Opera.

The performance, in Italian with subtitles in Estonian and English, will feature Russian Opera stars as Desdemona (Oksana Dyka, Elena Zelenskaya) and Othello (Badri Maisuradze, Sergei Nayda) and can be seen during September at the Coral Club Sports Center.

Tickets: 250 - 500 kroons

16 - 32 euros

More info: 6831260, 6831215



Thu 15 - Sun 25 - International Festival of Contemporary Theater.

This festival introduced European theater, dance and other forms of performance art to local audiences, and helped introduce Latvian theater to the international scene. Today Homo Novus has become one of the most important Latvian theater festivals. It is accessible to a wide range of new artists for whom their work is a way of life rather than a profession, and who, thanks to this unique stage, can help to influence, direct and challenge artistic processes in Europe.

More info: 117



Thu 8 - Sun 11 - "Fantasy" Circus. Circus masters from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany and Sweden will take the stage in a lively and colorful two-hour performance which includes clowns, acrobats, illusionists and circus animals such as horses, camels and tigers.

The show will be held on Klaipeda Summer stage.

Tickets: 12 - 15 litas

3,5 - 4 euros