Estonia's ruling alliance to ignore Parliament's extra session

  • 2000-07-27
TALLINN (BNS) - Estonia's three-party ruling coalition will ignore an extraordinary session of the parliament called for on July 18 to discuss privatization of the Narva-based large power stations and holding a referendum on the issue.

Politicians from the governing alliance parties have free hands to decide whether or not to attend the parliament meeting, but they will not take part in any vote, the coalition council ruled on July 24.

Council head Andres Tarand said the ruling coalition is for a discussion of the privatization of the power plants in Parliament but not until the privatization conditions are made public. He told reporters on July 24 the coalition may call for an extra session of the Parliament in early August to discuss the issue.

"Because energy is such a many-sided sphere, the coalition does not support putting it on a referendum," Tarand said.

A group of 26 opposition politicians earlier this month proposed to call an extraordinary meeting of Parliament on July 25 to discuss an opposition-sponsored bill on putting the issue of privatization of Narva Elektrijaamad on a referendum. The proposal was signed by members of the Center Party, People's Union and United People's Party factions.

The opposition lawmakers proposed to hold the referendum on Feb 11. 2001.