Art that doesn't mince words

  • 2005-08-17
  • By Ksenia Repson
TALLINN - What is famous Estonian artist Marko Laimre fond of doing most? Creating? Annoying? Provoking? Knowing a bit about the reputation of this tongue in cheek Estonian artist, I would pick all three.

Each time Laimre exhibits his work, he is polite enough to warn those who may take offense. He is fond of social commentary and no one is immune . Even close colleagues such as those at the Estonian Artists' Union have at times been caught in his shooting range.

This time, "jelly-meat tourists" are forewarned 's but fear not, the painting titled "Tourism is foolish. Go home" is not necessarily meant to be personal. On the contrary, visiting Laimre's exhibit "Estonian Art" may just be the best way to get to know the works of one of the country's most renowned contemporary artists.

Through his work with painting, photography, video and installation, Laimre deals with xenophobia and paranoia in Estonian society. Part of a generation of artists who are touching on the social issues of the last decade, Laimre is known for saying what he wants without worrying about how others will react.

He asserts that the mass media supercharges and strains our perceptions and this is why he likes to turn everything inside out - to show his audiences a truer version of the real world.

As a viewer, don't expect any compromise in these photos, drawings, objects and paintings. Feel free to get angry, stomp your feet or even rant and rave 's in fact, this just might be what Laimre was hoping for.

The exhibition runs at Hobusepea Gallery

(Hobusepea, 2) until August 22.