No glory for stunt performers

  • 2005-06-29
They set themselves on fire, leap from skyscrapers and drive more recklessly than the average driver in the Baltics -all in a day's work. And Oscar - the film industry's top golden man, recognizes none of this.

In a campaign that has gone on for years, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on June 23 that it voted to deny stunt performers an award at the next Academy Awards in March 2006. Citing an already overly long program, the Academy said that there would be no award to honor the work of stuntmen and women despite their vital contribution to film. Stunt performers are disappointed but will continue the fight. Stunt coordinator Jack Gill has been at the forefront of this campaign for the last 15 years and does not plan to give up now. "Even the Academy shows action scenes at the Oscars, yet they keep us out of it, despite the fact that we play a major role before, during and after production."