A less-traveled road to good health

  • 2000-08-03
  • Elina Cerpa
Anita Pelude is from the village of Cirava near Liepaja. She spends most of her days working hard on her family farm where she runs the finances.

She has a lot of plans for the future - to build a marketing center and her own health center.

But at 40 she felt old.

Pelude is now 44 years old, but her misfortune started at the age of 38 when her hormonal system went crazy.

Doctors said she could develop cancer and that her illness was probably irreversible.

She looked elsewhere to a homeopathic treatment called Nishi.

"Many times I went to the hospital in Riga and doctors said I wouldn't get back to good health," said Pelude. "I didn't believe them and lived with the hope that everything will go fine.

When Prelude was at the hospital, by chance, she got a book, "Farewell to Illnesses," written by Maija Gogulana, a journalist from Moscow who also has had serious health problems. She wrote of a special treatment of exercise and diet known as Nishi.

The book describes situations in which this particular system has averted cancer.

"I thought, 'O.K. this is my last chance to help myself,'" said Pelude. "It took a lot of time, but I tried to accomplish all the Nishi systems regulations. It was not hard to do. There are special gymnastics followed by meditation, and it's important to have peace around.

"I completely stopped using pills."

For 10 weeks she lived in a new rhythm.

"After two months I felt perfect. I survived the illness, and I could live. The result was fantastic." said Pelude.

She put a hard board in her bed to sleep on and used a wooden slab for a pillow. This was necessary to set all the vertebrate and not damage the nerves.

Exercise and self suggestion is also very important and provides acid-alkaline balance in the body.

If you complete the system, it takes two years for the body to reach a stable level of health. Pelude reads holistic health books by Paul Breg, Volcker, Michael Molachov, and she is now studying breathing exercises and other techniques.

She does not eat bread, milk products or anything boiled - only vegetables, fruit and bran. She also eats egg whites, nuts and special quail eggs for protein.

She fasts in regular cycles.

"I started to fast one day a week. Then after a week, I repeated but for two days a week and so on until I am fasting all seven days," said Pelude. "The body gradually gets accustomed. It's a discomfort but it's worth it.

After two months she was almost healthy.

"If it weren't a question about life and death I would never have started this program," said Prelude. "Maybe I would not even believe in this story at all"

The most important thing, Prelude says, is to believe.

"Before you start the treatment you have to concentrate for a while," she said. "After that, no single indulgence."

Prelude hopes to build a sauna in the future. She says she is willing to invite people who are having serious health problems.