Adamkus to retain neutrality in election

  • 2004-09-15
  • By The Baltic Times
VILNIUS 's President Valdas Adamkus said on Thursday he would not support a specific political force in the upcoming parliamentary elections, though at the same time he said he would not be a passive observer.

The president vowed that he would support no specific party, coalition or candidate, though he added, "I have my values and a clear vision of the state, which I will try to communicate to Lithuanian voters."

Adamkus appealed to the people to support honest and responsible people with irreproachable character and who had clear values and specific ideas.

The Oct. 10 election is likely to be one of the greatest tests of Adamkus' leadership, since the populist Labor Party and its millionaire leader Viktor Uspaskich, which sticks in the craw of many leading politicians, is poised to win the election.

"I hope our people will exercise their right to vote and, following their mind and conscience, will speak for a strong and democratic Lithuanian state," Adamkus told a meeting of representatives of non-governmental organizations in on Thursday.

In an effort to reduce the amount of populism during the election campaign, the president wants the nation to be well-informed about stipulations of election programs.

"Thinking about the shaping of the future government, I will keep a close eye on the elections. I will assess political parties by how clear and precise they are in the explanation of their plans in power and their expected keeping of promises," said Adamkus.