NATO troops misbehaving in Lithuania

  • 2004-05-06
  • By The Baltic Times
SIAULIAI – Police in the city of Siauliai said they intended to fine NATO troops stationed in the city if they continue disturbing the peace, Lithuanian television reported on Thursday.

Following five incidents in which NATO troops have been involved in various attacks, officials from the Vilnius and Siauliai police departments, the prosecutor's office and the State Security Department have decided to take stronger measures to ensure the 70-odd troops do not cause any further trouble, LNK television reported.
"If we see that NATO troops have drunk too much, pose a threat to themselves and others, the police will react to this," Algirdas Stoncaitis, a police department adviser, said.
According to information, if troops are inebriated in a public place then the police will execute administrative violations against them. A military police unit will shortly be deployed in Siauliai, Lithuania's fourth largest city.
Military leadership has also been trying to tighten discipline among the troops, the report said.
Four F-16 fighter planes of the Belgian Royal Air Force stationed at the Zokniai airport are being serviced by 48 Belgian troops. Some 22 Danish and 3 British representatives have also been deployed at the base.