New restrictions in field of education to apply in Estonia from Monday

  • 2021-02-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian government on Thursday approved additional restrictions for hobby education, continuing education and youth work that will take effect from Monday.

To general education schools the new restrictions approved by the government on Thursday will start to apply from March 1, after the end of the school break, spokespeople for the Ministry of Education said. 

No new restrictions were imposed on kindergartens, vocational schools and universities, where also contact learning can continue with the application of preventative measures.

On the recommendation of the scientific advisory board, the government decided that after the end of the school break pupils of general education schools will be on distance learning for one week. The restriction will not apply to pupils of grades 1-4, who will continue to attend school with the application of preventative measures. 

From March 1-7, only pupils of grades 1-4 may be present in the buildings of general education schools in Estonia. Pupils of other grades may be present in the school building only if they need educational support services or, upon the assessment of the teacher, need consultations for the achievement of study results, are undergoing practical training, taking examinations or tests, or participating in olympiads. 

The restrictions will not apply to schools where most students are receiving enhanced support or special support.

In the conduct of all activities dispersion must be observed, and outside of the room of study no more than two people can be together and they must keep a distance of at least two meters from others, except when it cannot be reasonably ensured. All people in the building must wear a mask.

In hobby education and hobby activities, refresher training and continuing education, as well as youth work, group activity indoors will not be allowed at least for the next two weeks. Activities can take place only individually with the instructor. 

In the conduct of activities indoors, masks must be worn and adherence to the disinfection requirement ensured.

A mask does not have to be worn by children under 12 years of age and by those for whom it is not possible to wear a mask due to health reasons or the nature of the activity, or for other valid reasons.  

Outdoor activities can continue under current rules, which means that activity is allowed for up to 50 people together, including the instructor or coach. The group must not come into contact with other groups and the disinfection requirement must be observed. 

The current decision is a decision in principle adopted at a Cabinet sitting. The government is set to issue a relevant formal regulation shortly.