Motor yacht charter - rent instead of buy

  • 2022-08-04

In times of constant rush, it is extremely important to maintain a balance between work and private life. We attach more and more importance to the quality of rest - carefree all-inclusive holidays are gaining popularity. Travels to one of the most-chosen places in Europe - Croatia are very popular. Is it worth investing in the purchase of a boat or yacht? What is a yacht charter?

Rest in a yacht - why is it worth it?

There is probably nothing more beautiful than being able to relax in the open water or simply surrounded by water. You can dive, sunbathe, swim, and at any time - when we lack contact with other people or civilization - go to dry land.

The warm waters of the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia are best suited for vacation trips by the water. There, the season lasts from May to mid-September, the warm and exceptionally clean water delights throughout the year, the views are also breathtaking.

The undoubted advantage of the yacht is the possibility of gaining complete independence - you decide for yourself at what pace your journey will take place, where you will stay and to which city (or island) you will dock to discover new places and learn about Croatian culture. If you still have diving equipment, what else can you expect from your dream vacation?

Buying a boat? Not necessarily

Of course, enthusiasts of water adventures (sea, ocean or even a lake) will probably not think much longer and will buy a yacht (or boat), although some may be discouraged by its high price and operating costs. In addition, in order to independently operate a motorboat or yacht, it is required to have appropriate qualifications and complete special courses giving the right to control them.

If you are not sure whether you will like the rest on the water enough to buy a boat and use it systematically, it is better to choose another option. Consider charter a speedboat and use the time spent on the water as a test.

Perhaps you decide to spend your vacation on a boat from time to time, but so rarely and irregularly that you do not intend to invest money in buying a new boat. This is the most legitimate approach. In this case, a short-term rental of a motor yacht or a boat will also work well.

Motor boat charter - is it worth it?

Renting a boat pays off when you do not use this form of recreation too often or you do not want to invest in the purchase and maintenance of the boat. It is also a matter of convenience, because the charter of a boat usually means a full package of additional services, such as obtaining the care of an experienced, professional team. You will gain peace of mind and you will be able to take full advantage of the planned rest. Because you deserve it. This type of service offers, among others Heads Yachting specializing in chartering motor boats and yachts in Croatia.

Proven, modern equipment and professional staff as well as certain weather, perfect for relaxation - what more can you ask for? Not sure what to choose? Heads Yachting advisors are ready to help: they will advise the vehicle depending on your needs and expectations, at a convenient time and place. Choose the vacation you deserve and enjoy the beautiful weather from your rented yacht.