Milrem Robotics introducing 5th generation multi-purpose UGV in London

  • 2019-09-10
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Estonian unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) manufacturer and developer of robotic warfare solutions Milrem Robotics is introducing the fifth generation THeMIS UGV, which is designed to assist war-fighters and enhance combat effectiveness, at the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) fair in London.

"In 2015, we exhibited the first THeMIS concept here at DSEI in London. Now, four years later, after extensive testing with industry partners and NATO forces in very demanding environments we are proud to be back here and present a mature and robust product that will greatly enhance war-fighting capabilities," Kuldar Vaarsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics, said.

Over the course of four years, tests of the UGV have been held in Estonia, US, UK, the Middle East and in the French-led operation Barkhane in Mali. The fifth generation THeMIS follows NATO STANAG standards in the vehicle's architecture, safety, air transportability, power offload and other aspects.

"We have gone through a difficult journey to develop a product that is competitive on the strictly regulated defense market and has established a network of international partners, proving ourselves to be experts in robotics," Vaarsi said.

The THeMIS is a multi-purpose tracked vehicle that can be equipped with other war-fighting technology. Together with partners like Kongsberg, FN Herstal, MBDA, ST Engineering and others, a dozen different systems have already been integrated. Live firing tests have been conducted with five different weapon systems, including an anti-tank missile launcher.

The first fifth generation THeMIS vehicles have already been sold to the Netherlands and Norway and negotiations for establishing new contracts are underway.

In addition to developing ground vehicles, Milrem Robotics is also dealing with creating an autonomous command system meant for vehicles. The solution to be developed allows the vehicle to independently move from one point to another as well as identify and avoid obstacles on the road. Autonomy is being developed only for the vehicle, not for the integrated weapons systems.