MEP Ijabs elected Vice-President of EP's Renew Europe group

  • 2024-06-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ivars Ijabs, a Latvian member of the European Parliament (EP), was elected Vice-President of the EP's Renew Europe Group in a secret ballot on Wednesday, the MEP's aide Dace Barga told LETA. 

In his address to his colleagues, Ijabs pledged to work in the interests of Europe's future and security. His top priority is to ensure that the whole of Europe "wake up" for a more active position on defense so it becomes capable of defending itself within the next five years. Ijabs also intends to build on the work he has started in the area of research, innovation and digitalization to ensure that Europe does not lose out in the global race for technological supremacy and to stop the brain drain from Europe.

French politician Valerie Hayer was unanimously elected as President of Renew Europe, a centre-liberal political group, which currently has 73 MEPs and forms a pro-European centrist majority in the EP.

Barga also noted that five MEPs from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have formed a "Baltic group" at Ijabs' initiative for a joint representation of common interests and coordination of actions. 

As reported, in the elections to the European Parliament (EP) in Latvia, New Unity won with the highest number of votes, leaving the National Alliance (NA) in second place, and both political forces have won two MEP seats each.

For Latvia's Development, United List, Progressives, Harmony and Latvia First have each won one MEP seat in the elections.

Valdis Dombrovskis and Sandra Kalniete have been elected from New Unity, and Roberts Zile and Rihards Kols were elected from the National Alliance.

Ivars Ijabs will represent For Latvia's Development in the European Parliament, Reinis Poznaks will represent the United List, Martins Stakis will represent the Progressives, Nils Usakovs will represent Harmony, and Vilis Kristopans will represent Latvia First.