Maxima to modernise five more stores in January

  • 2019-01-10
  • TBT Staff

This year has began with the ambitious modernisation of Maxima stores, with extensive reconstruction work beginning in five stores throughout Latvia in January.
Improvements will be made to Maxima stores in Riga, Iecava, Sigulda, Dagda and Rēzekne.
“Shopping habits are changing throughout Latvia, creating the need for more modern and convenient shopping and work environments for both our customers and employees. When renovating a store, we are increasingly focused not only on creating more pleasant space with smart design solutions, but also in improving the energy efficiency of the building and equipment. We also work to introduce new technology and expand our network of self-service checkouts,” comments Maxima Latvija Board
Member Kristīne Āboltiņa.
The renovation work for each store is carefully planned to comply with the local shopping habits of the specific location, store layout and format. A range of environmentally-friendly solutions are installed, including energy-effective LED lighting, as well as modern cooling and freezing equipment which works without the use of freon and which enables the recovery of heat produced during the refrigeration process.
Renovation includes the store engineering network, facade, and surrounding territory, providing a significant investment in the local community and environment.
The predicted duration of the store renovations is between three to five months.