Maxima’s most ambitious store in Latvia opens

  • 2019-04-05
  • TBT Staff

RIGA - Launching a new phase of growth in the Latvian retail sector, today Maxima Latvija unveiled the largest, most modern and technologically advanced store in Latvia: a Maxima XXX in the Akropole shopping and entertainment centre. In addition to the new hypermarket, the fifth convenience format store Maxima Express also opened in the shopping centre.

In total, the company has made its most significant investment in one store to date in creating the new Maxima XXX - more than 3.6 million Euro. The total area of the store is almost 12,000m2, and upon opening will create 200 new jobs.

“In 2019, Maxima Latvija entered a new phase of strategic development to offer the best shopping experience for our customers and workplace environment for our employees. Today, we are taking an historic step in the development of Latvian retail, launching one of the most modern, innovative and largest stores in the Baltics, modelled on the future of shopping. In the new Maxima XXX in Akropole, we have united our knowledge with the most contemporary worldwide retail trends, offering Latvian shoppers a new, pleasant experience - smart technologies, digital solutions adapted for customers’ convenience, a special and varied product selection, and a range of innovations for the needs of modern customers. This is a new shopping concept in a contemporary, sustainable and modern environment,” explains Maxima Latvija Chairman of the Board Andris Vilcmeiers.

Maxima has introduced strategic innovations to the new store with the goal of improving the shopping experience for customers, simplifying work for employees and improving store efficiency. This is the first store in the Baltics with electronic price labels for many thousands of its products. Additionally, the store includes smart solutions for a system monitoring the quantity of remaining
products, interactive screens with information on relevant updates, and the widest network of new-generation self-service checkouts.
The store’s 6950m 2 shopping area is the largest in the Maxima store chain in Latvia. The range of products will be 20% more extensive than the assortment usually available at these larger-format stores. Alongside the expanded general product range, it also has a larger premium selection of both groceries and non-groceries, a unique range of freshly-prepared products, including burgers
and waffles made in-store, and convenient ready-to-eat meals. In total, the Maxima XXX will offer customers more than 40,000 different products, some of which will be available exclusively at the Akropole Maxima XXX.

The new store was specially designed with environmental sustainability in mind. The store features integrated digital solutions for reducing food waste, and is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, as well as an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient CO 2 system. Green solutions have also been used in designing the new store, with wooden interiors making this a unique store in the
Maxima chain.

The largest retail and customer service team to date - 200 employees - will serve customers and oversee the day-to-day operations of the store.

To give shoppers the opportunity to shop according to their lifestyle and needs, a Maxima Express convenience store will also open in the Akropole shopping and entertainment centre. The new Maxima Express is meant particularly for busy Akropole shoppers, offering a wide range of to-go meals including Asian food, gyros and the new Meistara Marka burgers. The complete range of to-
go meals can be enjoyed in-store or taken away. More than 200,000 Euro was invested in the new Maxima Express store.