Luse plans to increase number of events taking place at Rundale Palace, make the palace more interesting to local residents

  • 2019-01-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The new Rundale Palace Museum's Director Laura Luse is planning to increase the number of different events taking place at the palace, to make it a more interesting and popular place for local residents, and seek to have the palace named a UNESCO world heritage site, as Luse said in an interview with LETA.

According to Luse, there will be more exhibitions, educational seminars and lectures taking place at Rundale Palace complex in the future. One of the horse stables will soon be transformed into a conference center. When there is an event held at Rundale Place, it usually takes place in one of the larger rooms or galleries, which affects visitor flows through the palace. Once a conference center opens in the palace's stable, visitor flows at the palace will no longer be interrupted, explained Luse.

Luse admits that it may be very difficult to achieve that Rundale Palace be included in Latvian list of UNESCO world heritage sites. In that case, Rundale Palace could look for cooperation partners in other countries where Francesco Rastrelli's works have been preserved.

Luse also said that Rundale Palace has a staff of 114. During the summer season, additional workers are hired, bringing the total number of employees at the complex to 156.