Lionel Messi to Transfer to Inter Miami: Is It True?

  • 2022-06-01

Rumors are spreading fast. Apparently, Lionel Messi, the world's highest-paid player, is expected to join Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami (Inter Miami CF). It should come as no surprise that the football king is planning a move. Lionel Messi had a disappointing first season at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and his contract will expire next year.

How genuine is the rumor? Is the football Hall of Famer preparing to lead an American club to victory? Could Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham see better days ahead for his investment?

According to an Instagram post, Messi met with Beckham. David's post depicted them sharing memorable moments in Doha on May 16, 2022, alongside other PSG players such as Kylian Mbappe, Sergio Ramos, and Neymar.

Several credible media reports backed up the speculation. According to Alex Candal of Futbol Total DirecTV, Messi has a contract with Inter Miami that will allow him to join the club in 2023. According to Alex, Messi will also receive a 35 percent stake in the club as part of the contract.

The Confirmed Truth

Despite the speculation, Lionel Messi will not reinvent himself as a soccer player in the United States. According to Messi's agents, Alex's report is false. The truth is that Leo has yet to make a decision about his future.

After seeing Beckham's Instagram post, the majority of people believed the rumor. Despite their time together, the two were not necessarily discussing a transfer or business deal. Instead, Beckham treasured his time with the PSG players in Doha, where he was appointed as an ambassador for the upcoming World Cup.

When the former English midfielder was still active, Lionel developed a close friendship with him. However, the two's future at Inter Miami is currently unknown with nothing formalized or officially announced through the proper reporting channels.

Messi's Professional Career as Things Stand

Messi's move to Inter Miami would end his two-year contract at PSG. The player joined the French club from Barcelona, where he had spent the previous 16 seasons. Jorge Mas was intrigued by rumors of a possible transfer to Inter Miami in February. In his speech, Inter Miami's prominent co-owners mentioned the possibility of the club offering Leo a contract after his current one expires. He explained that he believed in the former Barcelona player's abilities, which are still top-notch. Jorge remained optimistic about the transfer, citing his club's commitment to the plan.

Leo is still Spain's highest-paid athlete in history. In one year, he earns a total of 99.6 million $117 million. His earnings pale in comparison to those of fellow footballers, Christiano Ronaldo and Neymar. "We can emphasize that among the highest-paid footballers in the world, without precedent, the first place is held by the Argentine player Leonel Messi," says Gaudi Morales of Doctor Apuesta. The Argentine's football prowess is undeniable. He is the top scorer in the Spanish League, with 672 goals in 778 appearances and 474 goals in 520 matches.

Messi’s Potential Future

Signing Messi would allow him to expand his impressive portfolio while also increasing his pay. Barcelona’s attempts to renew his contract in 2021 were unsuccessful due to the club's financial constraints. His new employers at PSG, on the other hand, had no problem signing him and paying him handsomely. PSG has previously signed expensive players such as Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. Leo's case was simpler because there was no transfer fee. Leo's stunning departure from Barcelona and arrival at PSG hinted at the possibility of another transfer in the future. The seven-time Ballon d'Or winner has the option of extending his current contract for another year or transferring to another club, including Inter Miami.

Leo's future at the American professional soccer club is uncertain, but it is not off the charts. His performance at PSG is widely regarded as his worst. His injuries kept him on the bench for a long time, and he only scored 11 goals in his rookie season. However, all hope is not lost for the Argentine, as there is still time to reclaim his fading glory. His move to Inter Miami would also provide him with a significant opportunity to end his illustrious career in style.

Final Thoughts

As tempting as it may sound, Lionel Messi is not courting Inter Miami or vice versa. Like his celebrated teammates, Messi is fond of Beckham, as evidenced by the smiley photos on Instagram. He may be making a late-career move, but he will not be joining DB7's club as a player or co-owner for the time being.