Latvijas Dzelzcels plans to modernize 48 rail stations for EUR 57 million

  • 2020-07-22
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - State-owned joint-stock Latvian rail company Latvijas Dzelzcels (LDz) plans to modernize 48 rail stations throughout the country by 2023, investing a total of EUR 57 million, LDz board chairman Maris Kleinbergs told members of the press on Wednesday.

He emphasized that LDz is working to make full use of the new electric trains of joint-stock passenger rail company Pasazieru Vilciens, including the need for new infrastructure and suitable platforms.

In order to ensure the use of platforms, in the coming years it is planned to modernize 48 stations on four lines - Tukums II, Skulte, Ozolnieki and Skriveri. In addition, a new route will be created the Riga suburb of Bolderaja, in which transportation is not yet taking place, but is planned for the future.

So far, the platforms have been built at 28 stations.

He said that the total cost of the modernization project will be EUR 57 million, and that both EU and national funding will be used.