Latvian economy cannot provide jobs to all young scientists - Sparitis

  • 2020-02-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Latvian economy cannot provide jobs to all young scientists, Ojars Sparitis, President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with TV3 channel on Tuesday.

He noted that because of the shortage of suitable vacancies in Latvia, many young scientists take internship positions the United States, Switzerland or the UK to "earn some money for living in addition to our lean science funding". Only some of them do not stay in the foreign countries and return to Latvia.

The president of the Latvian Academy of Sciences said that in Latvia doctoral students receive EUR 113 in monthly grants, while in Estonia doctoral students are paid EUR 1,000 per month and in Lithuania around EUR 800 per month. As a result, doctoral students in Latvia are forced to delay their research, as they have to focus on earning additional money, Sparitis said.

"Our economy and lacking industry cannot provide jobs to the young scientists," he concluded.

Sparitis said that at the beginning of each academic year he tells his students that the state will never provide them with jobs and that they have to obtain such knowledge that would enable them to create their own jobs.