Latvia needs clear strategy for achieving climate neutrality goal - MP

  • 2021-05-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia needs a clear strategy for achieving the climate neutrality goal, providing accurate information to what extent the greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 2030 and how it will be achieved, said MP Vjaceslavs Dombrovskis, the head of the parliament sustainable development committee.

Lawmakers during the committee meeting today met with representatives of the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry and the Latvian Association of Peat Sector and discussed options for greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on sustainability of the peat sector.

The goal of the strategy is to ensure Latvia's climate neutrality in 2050. 

Representatives of the ministry presented the guidelines of the sustainable peat extraction for 2020-2030. Dombrovskis underscored that the peat sector like many other Latvia's national economic sectors, including agriculture and energy sectors, still do not have certainty about the future in relation to the European Green Course.

According to Dombrovskis, this makes it hard for business representatives to plan their work in a long term.

The committee plans to meet with representatives of other sectors and continue discussions on the European Green Course.