Latvia has spent EUR 11.27 million on Covid-19 tests in six months

  • 2020-10-25
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - From March to August, Latvia spent EUR 11,276,528 on Covid-19 tests, Girst Lapins, head of the medical services department at the National Health Service, told members of the Saeima Social and Labor Affairs Committee. 

The average monthly costs of the Covid-19 tests has been EUR 1,879,421, although in March, the expenses were still five times smaller than in the following months. The highest amount, EUR 2,284,031, was spent on Covid-19 tests in July.

In the six months, E.Gulbja Laboratorija medical lab received largest financing for carrying out Covid-19 tests - EUR 3,997,681. In July, this company was paid EUR 1,005,017 for the tests.

Centrala Laboratorja medical lab was paid EUR 3,669,435 for Covid-19 tests in the six months.

The National Microbiology Reference Laboratory at Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital was paid EUR 3,556,824 for Covid-19 tests from March to August.

Government funding for Covid-19 tests has been provided also to the Food Safety, Animal Health and Environmental Research Institute BIOR.