Latgale might become attractive destination for Polish tourists - ambassador

  • 2023-06-06
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia's eastern region of Latgale might become an attractive destination for Polish tourists, said Polish Ambassador to Latvia Monika Michaliszyn at Latgale Tourist Forum in Luznava Manor today.

The forum's representative Santa Rudze informed LETA that there are still places dedicated to the Polish-Swedish war (1600-1629) found in Latvia, as well as old Polish manors, churches and old cemeteries. 

Such sites could be presented to Polish tourists, the ambassador said, also pointing out certain activities that would help to promote tourism.

The most popular tourism brands in Latgale, according to forum participants, are Latgale embassy Gors, Rotkho Center, Aglona Basilica and Luznava Manor.