Largest parties have received EUR 177,672 in donations so far this year

  • 2020-08-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia's largest parties so far this year have received EUR 177,672 in donations, according to information compiled by LETA from data published by the Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB).

For Development/For last year received EUR 79,134 in donations, but this year so far - EUR 12,819. The union's member, For Development party last year received EUR 123,856, and this year EUR 41,910 in donations, while Movement For received EUR 11,879 last year, and EUR 15,246 this year.

The New Unity last year received EUR 83,547, and this year - EUR 893. The union's member Unity last year received EUR 196,895, and this year - EUR 27,416 in donattions.

Harmony last year received EUR 187,885, and this year - EUR 9,480.

The Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS) received EUR 76,781 last year and EUR 8467 this year so far. The union's members, the Latvian Farmers Union received EUR 20,755 last year and EUR 8,467 this year, while the Latvian Green Party received EUR 114,057 last year, but no donations have been made for the party this year.

The New Conservative Party last year received EUR 107,653 in donations last year and EUR 22,213 so far this year. The National Alliance got EUR 99,879 last year and EUR 7,876 this year.

KPV LV received EUR 20,720 last year and EUR 584 this year.

Among parties that were not elected to the parliament, the Progressives received EUR 72,244 in donations last year and EUR 10,715 this year, the Latvian Association of Regions received EUR 31,877 last year and EUR 7,355 this year, and the Latvian Union of Russians received EUR 151,962 in donations last year and EUR 8,608 this year.