Karins believes that his coalition is stable and capable of work

  • 2021-05-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) believes that the government coalition led by himself is capable of action and to continue its work, such an opinion was expressed by the politician with Latvian Television this morning.

Last week, the Saeima passed decisions on easing Covid-19 restrictions contrary to the government's position, leading to rumors that in such a way no confidence was express in the Karins government. At the same time, the New Conservative Party has begun to say publicly that a change in government might be needed.

Karins also connects what happened in the Saeima with the proximity of the local government elections, respectively the aim of the decisions could be the efforts by the parties to increase their popularity within society. However, the stark truth is that the Covid-19 infection level in Latvia is still high and the pandemic is not over, the politician added, noting that the fact that spring is here does not mean that the virus will disappear.

Asked what specific steps he would take to solve the current disagreements within the coalition, Karins replied that he would not disclose his plans in public, but would work to ensure peace.

The Prime Minister is currently waiting for the National Alliance to clarify its relations with KPV LV.

Asked what he would do if KPV LV insisted on replacing Economics Minister Janis Vitenbergs, who is switching parties, Karins did not answer directly, saying that he would have to assess the situation.

Asked whether there was talk of replacing Minister of the Interior Sands Girgens (KPV LV) during a meeting with the New Conservative Party last week, the Prime Minister said that he called on cooperation partners to think carefully about destabilizing the government and the whole country due to their narrow political interests.

Karins calls on the coalition parties to talk to each other in order to overcome the problems that have arisen from pandemic fatigue and the proximity of the local government elections.

The main thing is to maintain stability in the country, Karins said about the current situation.