International marketplace Joom signs the Product Safety Pledge

  • 2023-05-16

Joom, the international marketplace, has taken part in the signing ceremony of the Product Safety Pledge. The ceremony took place at the European Consumers Summit 2023 in Brussels, hosted by the European Commission.

Building trust with consumers is a critical priority for Joom. “By signing the Product Safety Pledge, we are committed to providing a secure and safe way of shopping in our global marketplace,” said Dmitry Chernyshov, the CEO of Joom Marketplace.

“We are honored to stand together with the other global players protecting the interests of consumers. Once consumers know that the company has dedicated people and processes focused on product safety, it ultimately impacts trust. We strongly believe that doing good business is right for people and for business,” he said.

Joom is an international group of eCommerce and Fintech companies that was founded in June 2016 in Riga, Latvia. Joom has offices in Latvia, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, China, Hong-Kong, and the USA. 

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