Inside Riga's Luxury Tourism Industry

  • 2023-08-04

Riga is known by many Europeans to be a great destination for a bachelor party, or to dance in the streets at a festival, but it's also quickly becoming a destination for the most discerning of tourists. Thanks to the stunning architecture and the busy culinary scene, Riga is attracting wealthy tourists from all over the world. We're going to take a look at some of the venues that play host to these wealthy travellers, and see what it is that makes Latvian hospitality so very special.

A Visit to the Royal Spa Resort

There are more than a dozen five-star hotels to choose from in Riga, but the Royal Casino Spa and Hotel Resort is our pick of the best of them. This hotel prides itself on offering a totally unique stay, with each of its suites decorated according to a sumptuous theme. The Dubai suite is clearly influenced by Moorish and Middle Eastern design, with gold, marble, and mahogany paneling on the walls and flashes of stunning red velvet brocade in the textiles. The Venice room offers beautiful pistachio-coloured drapes, and thick gathering in the same material on the bed sheets. They've combined this with a stunning all-marble bathroom and beautifully detailed brocade paneling throughout the rest of the room. Design choices like this are bold, brave, and opulent, and it's refreshing to see a hotel of this caliber taking risks to provide its clients with an experience that they can't replicate anywhere else on Earth. 

Of course, the exuberant design doesn't finish in the suites. There are huge common spaces in this hotel, including a stunning spa with granite pools and a beauty counter, and also a stunning casino. The design of the casino is reminiscent of the Soviet era in Riga. The decor is palatial, encapsulating the grandiose designs of the casinos from when it was built. With that said, there are all of the modern conveniences that you would expect, including slot machines and plenty of tables for gaming. If you want to get your blackjack skills up to scratch, or remind yourself of the roulette odds before embarking on a night at the casino then playing online first is helpful. There are lots of online sites, all listed at that are offering competitive bonuses which can help your bankroll and thus your practice time stretch further. 

Dining at Le Dome

Riga is well known for its culinary scene. The city doesn't boast a Michelin star yet, but critics largely agree that the food at Le Dome is as close to worthy of one as possible. This French-inspired restaurant has been a stalwart of the Riga fine dining scene for some time and though there are more unusual fine dining choices, as we've written about at the Baltic Times before, sometimes it's best to keep things traditional. Le Dome is situated just around the corner from Riga's stunning Cathedral and has a breathtakingly beautiful dining hall, complete with chandeliers and silver service. 

If we're to travel like a luxury tourist then it's essential to try one of the tasting menus. These range from three to nine courses and are available with or without wine for a price of anywhere from 50 euros, up to 235. On these menus, you can expect delicacies such as perfectly seared fillet steak, served with creamed potatoes and a rich jus, or the finest caviar served atop a crisp waffle, with cream cheese, perfectly poached quail eggs, and a dusting of chives. The food here certainly isn't fussy, but rather celebrates the very best ingredients, all sourced from the Baltic region, and prepared with a classic French flair. When it comes to fine dining Le Dome proves that great ingredients prepared properly will always deliver the highest quality meal.

Shopping at Amoralle

Finally, it wouldn't be a proper vacation without a little retail therapy and Amoralle is the perfect place for that. This loungewear and lingerie designer is based in Riga and prides itself on offering luxury garments that are all made entirely by hand. The shop is a feast for the eyes, with heavily beaded bodices, pearl-encrusted robes, ostrich feather cuffs, and a little fur too. You'll find only the most beautiful heavy silk fabrics and rich velvets here, though with robes starting at 400 euros, you might need to bring your credit card. One thing is for sure, you're guaranteed to walk out of Amoralle feeling like the most glamorous woman in the capital.