Iceland to join NATO battle group in Latvia

  • 2020-11-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Iceland is joining NATO's enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia, the press office of the Latvian Defense Ministry informed LETA.

This Tuesday, November 3, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks and Chief of Defense Leonids Kalnins will attend a ceremony at the Adazi military base in which Iceland will be admitted to the alliance's battle group stationed in Latvia. 

According to the Defense Ministry, Iceland will be providing its contribution in the area of strategic communication. Icelandic communication experts have also joined NATO's battle groups in Lithuania and Estonia. 

Both Latvia and Iceland are members of the so-called Northern Group, an informal cooperation format bringing together NATO members bordering the Baltic or North Sea, which seeks to develop joint defense projects in the region. The Northern Group's members include Nordic and Baltic states, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK.

Iceland is a NATO member since the alliance's foundation on April 4, 1949. Iceland does not gave its own armed forces and it participates in NATO operations by contributing financially and with civilian personnel. Iceland was the first country to recognize Latvia's restored independence in 1991.

NATO's enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia is led by Canada and it is comprised of more than 1,500 soldiers from Albania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, Canada, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.