How to Start an Online Casino: What Do You Need to Know?

  • 2023-09-15

Over the past ten years, online gambling has been one of the most profitable industries ever. Therefore, it is not surprising that many investors and business owners ask themselves daily how to make a profit in this field. Fortunately, it has become very easy to get involved in this field that benefits the owner and brings joy to the customers and this explains why a lot of casinos have launched on the scene lately. To succeed in this field, you need to follow several steps with the right whole and attention to every detail. In this article, we will provide you with the most important steps that you must follow to successfully create your own casino not on GamStop and start attracting customers.

The Platform of the Non GamStop Casino

You really have two options when it comes to the platform itself.

You can either build your own platform or you can choose an existing platform which is also known as a "White label" setup.

Let's start with the White label option.

White Label

This has long been a popular option when launching a new site.

We will probably see changes to the White label system in the coming years as the industry is constantly developing and changing, but the current system that we are used to will probably last another 3-4 years before we see major changes.

However, this can change quickly as many companies, including these platform alternatives, are currently going through various changes and savings processes.

There are about 2-3 good White label alternatives on the market and the ones we see as probably the best alternatives are Soft Swiss and iGaming Group.

These good White label schemes are quite expensive but the packages you get are good.

Your Own Non GamStop Platform

In many ways, this is the best option if you already have a lot of experience in the gaming industry and from running non GamStop casinos before.

However, you need to have a fairly large group of talented employees who are ready to contribute with hard work for quite some time to come.

You also need a bigger wallet and budget.

If you choose to start with your own platform, you usually need to create your own back office.

You also need to apply for your own game licenses and negotiate new and own agreements with each game provider that you want to be able to offer your customers on your game page.

All this means a lot of work!

If you and your team have the right skills and there is a big wallet behind the project, this is probably a good option for you.

In what way is this a better solution than a white label solution?

You have full control over everything.

In some cases, you can negotiate better deals with each individual game provider.

You can also run exclusive campaigns with games and payment providers you choose to work with.

Something that you do not have the opportunity to do if you have an agreement through a white label agreement.

You are responsible for your own gaming license and this can sometimes give you better opportunities to be a little more innovative and flexible as you do not have the same strict requirements that often come with the white label solution.

You are also not tied to fixed monthly fees and percentage of your potential profit to be paid to the platform owner.

But at the same time you take all the risk yourself as the gaming license is yours = High fines if things go badly.

Which option should you choose?

This really depends on your situation, what the objective of the project is and your financial muscle.

In many cases, it is better to start with a white label arrangement as you get the entire package created for you relatively quickly.

You decide what the page should be called and how the page should look, and then the platform helps with the rest.

Even new start-ups with previous experience in the gaming industry sometimes choose the white label option.

It may be the better option as you take a smaller financial risk from the start and get your product online faster.

If you then get a good spin on your business and start to make good results and ultimately profit from your business, you can later switch to your own game licenses and also switch platforms to your own variant.

So if you don't have a team with experience and/or don't have super strong finances behind the venture, the white label approach is often the better option to start with.

Staff of the Non GamStop Casino

Set the bar very high from the start.

If you want to start a gambling company in these times and have a chance to succeed, you want very talented employees around you.

However, the more experience these people have, the more expensive they are (unfortunately).

But keep in mind that the gaming industry is still a relatively new industry and experience does not necessarily mean that everyone who has been in the industry for 10 years (or more) is super good at what they do.

The industry is constantly evolving and there are people who have managed to stick around because they have experience but not because they are necessarily really the best at what they do.

After many years, however, the non GamStop casinos’ industry begins to mature also on the personnel side, and those who do not measure up slowly but surely begin to fall away.

Our point is that your recruiting job will probably be the most important thing you do.

If you do this job well, you give yourself chances to succeed.

If you do less well or poorly, your chances look much, much worse.

Also keep in mind that not everyone asking for a high salary is necessarily the best candidate even though their resume may look good on paper.

Our best tip is that you succeed in recruiting a key person from the gaming industry who then has the contacts and network to help you put together a super team that gives your project the right conditions to succeed.