Holocaust and anti-Semitism must continue to be discussed - Teikmanis

  • 2022-10-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - On October 25, the Head of the Chancery of the President of Latvia, Andris Teikmanis, addressed teachers – the participants of the international conference-seminar "Why is Holocaust education relevant in 2022?": "Even though anti-Semitism is very marginal in Latvia, this does not mean that we should pay inadequate attention to this global risk. We need to keep talking about it to raise young people's awareness of these heavy pages of history."

"The notion of 'never again' has been both a hope and a conviction for many years. However, we see that, unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way about "never again" in our times. And the horrors of war have resurfaced not so far from us - in Ukraine," said Teikmanis.

In his address, the Head of Presidential Chancery also informed the participants of the conference about the involvement of the Latvian state in maintaining the theme of the Holocaust and creating historical memory in the fields of research, education and culture through diplomacy and legislation. "Latvia has a very full agenda and I am satisfied that anti-Semitism and the Holocaust are on the agenda of both politicians and schools," said Teikmanis.