Guide To Betting In Washington

  • 2022-07-20

Among the top sports teams in America, most have been born in Washington since the 1980s, when the city was home to a number of major leagues. When it comes to placing bets on some of the world's most famous sports teams, we have written a well-researched article with all the information you would need to bet safely and efficiently in Washington DC.

Legality of Betting in Washington

In 2021, a few tribal casinos in Washington state were able to offer sports betting. After Governor Jay Inslee of Washington stated his support for renegotiating the state's casino compacts with the tribes, the decision was made to allow sports betting. In-person sports betting became permitted by the Washington State Regulatory Authority for Gambling in June 2021, after it revised the gaming agreements with 16 of the state's 29 federally recognized tribes. 

That implies that in order to place a wager on sports in Washington state, one must be onsite at a tribal casino that has a sportsbook. Only at the gambling facility may you use a mobile device to make a bet; you can't gamble from anyplace else in the state.

Sports betting will remain out of reach for many individuals in Washington State, despite the state's new law. Because offshore sportsbooks are not controlled by the state's gambling commission, they provide an alternative. Especially those which are regulated across other renowned gambling markets, such as the UK, Curacao and Malta. The only issue with offshore sportsbooks is knowing which provider to choose out of the wide variety available, which is why it’s ideal for players to do their research and find reliable sources of information, such as this offshore sports betting providers list for WA residents, which has all the information one needs to kick-start their sports betting journey through offshore sites.

Washington Betting Timeline


For a long time, sports betting was illegal and unregulated.. this happened because  of Nevada's stranglehold on the industry.  In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that this monopoly was unlawful and invalidated it in the PASPA judgment.

States like Washington were able to start their regulated sports betting markets because of this. Washington was adamantly opposed to this. Since there are so many parties involved, they will have to wait until the whole regulation is in place before they can open their first casino.


Governor Jay Inslee signed the measure into law on March 25, 2020, paving the way for the launch of sportsbooks in Washington. Tribal casinos may now host sportsbooks on-site, as well as allow mobile betting on Tribal territories, according to a new federal law. You cannot utilize Tribal mobile sportsbooks if you are not on Tribal property.

You may, of course, utilize offshore sportsbooks in Washington State. These are governed by the location of their servers, rather than the location where bettors log into them. In the state of Washington, sports betting is regulated by the state's Gaming Commission.

NFL season begins in 2021, and this was when the first sportsbooks open.

So Who Can Bet on Sports in Washington?

Sports betting is only available to those 21 and older in Washington. Only 7 Tribal Casinos are allowed to operate retail sports betting establishments in the United States. Even though each sports betting website has its own standards, offshore sportsbooks demand that customers from Washington State would have been at least 21 years old before they can place a wager.

Bets on major sports & horse racing are accepted at all seven of Washington's Tribal Casinos with sports betting. Live betting on professional and college sports is also available at offshore sportsbooks, as well as a host of other options for those residing in Washington.

How To Bet in Washington

Once you’ve decided which sport you would like to place your bets at, it is time to get familiar with how to actually place your bet; 

- Read the Terms and Conditions

It is simple to open an account at an online gambling site for eligible users, but you must keep it active. To maintain your account activity, we strongly advise that you read the terms and conditions page. The majority of a website's terms and conditions may be located in the footer.

- Official Registration

You need to register as a Washingtonian if you are satisfied with the betting's terms and conditions. The head of the viewport is usually reserved for a sign-up or registration link for offshore sportsbooks. They may also be found at the bottom of the page.

- Look over your banking options

Offshore sportsbooks, like the ones discussed in this article, provide a variety of convenient banking alternatives. Credit cards, bitcoins, and eWallets may all be used by Washington sports bettors. You may be able to employ wire transfer services if the sportsbook allows it. Both the cashier and the banking link may be used to access the banking choices.

- Place a bet

Pick your bet once you've calculated your bankroll and used any applicable sports promotions. It's possible to wager on a broad selection of sporting events in real-time, allowing you to sit back, and enjoy the game as you watch the results unfold before your very eyes.

Tax on Sports Betting in Washington 

There is no tax on gambling or sports wagering in Washington State. Instead, the state of Washington allows local jurisdictions to tax gambling gains, but the max number they may levy is regulated by the state. 2 percent is the highest tax which local governments may collect on most forms of sports gambling.

Betting Payment Methods

Successful sportsbooks, like the ones listed in this article, are aware of the need of providing convenient and dependable banking choices for its customers in Washington, D.C. To place a sports wager in Washington state, individuals may use a mix of crypto, credit, or even voucher and eWallet eGift cards. 

Crypto option

At the very least, most offshore sportsbooks accept at least one kind of cryptocurrency, typically bitcoins. If you don't have access to a credit card, you may use alternative currencies like Bitcoin, which are completely free to use. Members of certain betting sites may get tutorials on how to utilize Bitcoins effectively.

eWallet option

You may be able to use an eWallet with an offshore sportsbook, depending on which one you choose. Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are some of the most popular eWallets. Neosurf may be available to those residing in Washington.

Traditional option

Most trusted and recommended betting sites accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Cardholders do not pay a fee to use their credit cards, but they may not have been able to do so straight away. After enrolling, we suggest filling out a payment request form.