Governor of St. Petersburg to visit Tallinn as part of joint culture program

  • 2019-09-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - A series of meetings are to be held between officials of Tallinn and St. Petersburg for the 20th time as part of the two cities' joint culture program in Tallinn from Sept. 26-28.

As part of the event, Tallinn will be visited by an official delegation of the City of St. Petersburg, led by the city's governor, Alexander Beglov. 

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev said that a round-table will be held as part of the program as well as meetings focusing on healthcare, education, culture, conservation of architectural monuments and the environment. Training courses will also be held for teachers of Russian and speech therapists.

"As is tradition, culture plays an important part in the meetings between St. Petersburg and Tallinn. On these days performances will be given to Tallinn residents by the jazz legend, David Goloschekin, the Terem Quartet and other renowned cultural players from St. Petersburg," Belobrovtsev said.                                                                                                     

Tallinn Mayor Mihhail Kolvart and officials of the city of Tallinn are to meet with the governor or St. Petersburg and the city's official delegation at the Tallinn Town Hall on Sept. 27. At the meeting, latest developments in the two cities will be discussed as well as bilateral cooperation plans for the future. The meeting will be followed by the signing of cooperation agreements between several sub-offices of the cities and the presentation of a collection of essays and articles on the historical cultural links between St. Petersburg and Tallinn.

The city of St. Peterburg together with the Tallinn culture department is also organizing a culture program in the Estonian capital city consisting of various concerts, a theater production and photo exhibition.