Government endorses extensive amendments to rules on organization of healthcare services

  • 2019-05-08
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The government today supported extensive amendments to the rules on organization of and payment for healthcare services, which revise several tariffs, improve access to healthcare services for patients with diagnosed mental disorders, and introduce a number of other changes.

The amendments stipulate various improvements for people with mental disorders, including art therapist and nutritionist services if these services are provided as part of psychiatric treatment.

The amendments also revise the system of payment for healthcare services provided by psychiatrists and child psychiatrists, including revised rates for hospitalization at psychiatric hospitals.

According to the Health Ministry's suggestions, the list of cancer diagnoses, where the diagnostics, treatment and medical rehabilitation minimum are paid for by the state, has been expanded. Now the minimum state-funded healthcare services also include unclear or unknown natural tumor diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation.

The regulations also stipulate a number of changes to primary healthcare and access thereto. For example, the procedure of handing over a family physician's practice to a new physician has been streamlined. A number of changes in the organization of healthcare services also apply to secondary and tertiary healthcare. Nine new diabetes training rooms will open at regional hospitals and medical institutions.

These changes will also require additional financing. For instance, opening of 14 new pediatrician offices at hospitals will cost EUR 313,776 and strengthening of psychiatrists' practices - EUR 254,386.