Gercikovs loses trademark rights in legal dispute with insolvent cosmetics firm Dzintars

  • 2021-12-27
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Riga City Vidzeme District Court has ruled to strip Ilja Gercikovs, the former owner and head of insolvent cosmetics firm Dzintars of his rights to the Dzintars trademark and return them to the company, LETA was told at the court. 

The ruling of the first-instance court can still be appealed within 20 days. 

Riga City Vidzeme District Court delivered its verdict in the legal dispute over the ownership of the Dzintars trademark last Thursday, December 24. Dzintars insolvency administrator Janis Ozolins had asked the court to invalidate the registration of the Dzintars trademark with a company owned by Gercikovs, which happened at a time when Dzintars was undergoing a legal protection process. 

The administrator's legal representatives told LETA that the court recognized the Dzintars trademarks as a highly significant asset of the insolvent cosmetics company. The court granted Ozolins' request and declared the registration of the trademarks with Gercikovs' company invalid. 

The court also restored the insolvent company's rights to the Dzintars national and international trademarks, the administrator's lawyers said. 

H.A. Brieger, the current maker of cosmetic and perfumery products of the Dzintars brand, acquired all assets of the insolvent Dzintars in 2020. 

The legal dispute was about the rights to the trademarks Dzintars and Future Formula. 

As reported, Gercikovs, the beneficial owner of the joint-stock cosmetics producer Dzintars, set up a new company, Dzintars Beauty, in 2019 as Dzintars collapsed. 

Riga City Pardaugava Court declared Dzintars insolvent on November 12, 2019. 

H.A. Brieger posted EUR 5,580 turnover and a profit of EUR 772 for 2020, according to

Founded in 1849, H.A. Brieger is owned since 2020 by the Estonian company Skinest Group and Latvian entrepreneur Anastasija Udalova, under whose leadership the company started making Dzintars cosmetics again at the beginning of 2021.