Gambling Habits and Popularity

  • 2023-01-27

Gambling is a sensitive topic in many countries. We have all heard stories about people spending more money than they can afford to lose. The adrenaline rush is commonly the main reason for trying out slots or live casinos. The same applies to sports betting. 

But let us not repeat the same cliches and talk about things that everybody already knows. Instead, why not dive into the statistics of online gambling habits and get an accurate picture? 

Gambling Habits

Each country has their laws and regulations for gambling. Out of all three Baltic countries, Estonia is the most liberal regarding betting in real money. It is essential to understand that land-based casinos are slowly dying out. 

Meanwhile, online casinos are taking over. The reason is quite simple. In our fast-paced lifestyle, online games are much more accessible and convenient. Not less important is the added anonymity and privacy for the gambler. 

Gambling Stats

We can say that gambling is a social matter. Numerous research studies have been done on the psychological aspect of betting in real money; and how it affects the people close to the player. 

In 2021, Estonian statistics company Kantar ran extensive research on the gambling habits of Estonian people. The results show that three-quarters of all adults have had some exposure to gambling. Half of them played the lottery. Casino games, sports betting and poker are familiar to 10% of adults. 

Age groups 20-29 and 30-39 show the highest number of gamblers. The least active players are between 60-74 years of age. 56% of the players have an income between 800 to 1,300 euros per month. 

Motivation of Gambling

The next question would be: “What is the motivation for gambling?” According to the stats, half of the players hope to win big. The rest of the players claim to be looking for just some fun time in the games. Only a fraction of all the people admitted that they find gambling a way to solve their financial problems. 

Risk of Gambling

Although gambling can be a lot of fun, there are several risks involved as with any online activity. When it comes to spending time online it is easy to lose track of time and sense of reality. Gambling is no different here. 

Another favourable factor for problem gambling is easy access to the games. As the technology advances it becomes more and more easy to access the real money games with just a few clicks. Such casinos are called Pay N Play. Online casinos never close so this is another factor of not really having been forced to take a break or stop the betting cycle. 

2019. research shows that only 6% of all the players admit to having some sort of problems with controlling their gaming habits. Among the pathological gamblers 81% admit they have had problems in the past but only 5% think they may have an issue with gambling at the present moment.