Gallery Daugava invites to Daiga Kruze exhibition

  • 2018-10-06
  • TBT Staff

RIGA - Gallery Daugava invites to the opening of Daiga Kruze exhibition “A Mystery. Thermos, Sandwiches and a knife.” at Ausekļa street 1, Riga on October 10, 2018, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Daiga Kruze about her paintings: “I lay on colour in one area, then in another, roughen up the surface by a charcoal, and go on. While painting, one event emerges from another. I feel as if I am standing in front of a mountain town. This view becomes an interlocutor and includes everything: orange colour in various shades and angles; near and far away. I feel like lingering there a little longer.”

Exhibition open from October 10 until November 10.