Fuel price hike might make Latvians choose more economic cars - association

  • 2022-03-31
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Fuel price hike might finally may make Latvians choose more economic cars, Andris Kulbergs, head of the Auto Association, told LETA.

He said that Latvians prefer SUVs which have high fuel consumption. Kulbergs said that some time should pass until people understand that fuel prices have risen for a long term.

"We will have to live up with high fuel prices. Maybe it will make Latvians choose more economic and environmentally friendly cars," said Kulbergs.

Asked whether Latvia's car market might be affected by diesel fuel price, which is now higher than gasoline, he confirmed, adding that it always affects the market.

Kulbergs said that it is not logical to use diesel cars in Latvia because the distances are not that long, and these cars break more often, repairs are more expensive.

"Latvian buyer is very emotional and is ready to do much in order to pay less in a fuel station. Latvian buyer is not far-seeing and not always rational," he said, adding that the fuel price hike will bring in the rational element in the purchase.

He also said that residents might choose ride-sharing cars and think about alternative ways of mobility in the city.