From Google to Klaipeda: Donutz Digital’s expertise boosts European businesses

  • 2024-06-26
  • Linas Jegelevicius

When even large megapolises do all they can to promote diversity and tolerance – variety is the spice of life! – the new settlers of Klaipeda, Lithuania’s third-largest city, Zivile Paulikaite-Harpon and her husband Marie-Joseph, French with the roots in a Caribbean Sea island where he had lived for five years as a kid (he asked me to call him tersely – MJ) are fostering that themselves – naturally and genuinely.

“''We love living in Lithuania – the country is so beautiful, safe and comfortable to live in,” MJ told The Baltic Times Magazine.

Before moving to Klaipeda, the family had lived in Dublin and Paris for 15 years, where Zivile climbed the career ladder at technical giants, LinkedIn, where she worked for five years, and Google, where she spent almost two years.

Now, both run their company, Donutz Digital, a digital marketing company that stands out.

“In short, we help businesses to greatly increase their visibility and sales on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, not only in Lithuania, but also throughout Europe, especially in France and Ireland. MJ is the founder and managing director of Donutz Digital, and I am responsible for sales, operations and recruiting new team members,” Zivile Paulikaite-Harpon, COO & Head of Sales of Donutz Digital, told The Baltic Times Magazine.

While at LinkedIn and Google, she was responsible for many areas, from sales and marketing to leadership and management. 

“It was an extremely valuable experience! That now helps us a lot in our own business,” she says, admitting proudly that Donutz Digital was modeled on the two giants – throughout!

“We hire very different people, and their professional achievements or personal qualities are not even as important as a set of certain qualities: honesty, simplicity, positivity, ability to work in a team, to be leaders in their field. I call the traits donutzy,” Zivile Paulikaite-Harpon smiles.

Her husband MJ interjects, saying that doing business with Zivile is very easy. 

“She is so bubbly, efficient and understands everything from the first word and is extremely productive. Like a machine! (Laughs). She taught me how to enjoy each day of life without looking too far into the future. Thanks to her for that!” says MJ.

Anyway, why the name, Donutz Digital?

Donutz Digital derives its cool name from the donut chart, a fun twist on the classic pie chart, reflecting our passion for data and the essence of our work. It symbolizes our commitment to delivering crisp, enlightening analytics with every component of our marketing plans.

There are tons of digital marketers out there. Why pick Donutz Digital?

Advertisers choose Donutz because of, first, our deep involvement and understanding. We are deeply involved in our clients' growth and truly understand their business. They tend to think of us as their business growth partners. 

We offer insights and strategies that align perfectly with their business objectives, rather than just pushing ad platform agendas. This approach truly makes all the difference.

Because of the experienced team we have. The expertise of our team sets us apart. On average, each member has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing, which is not typically seen in a digital agency often filled with junior profiles and trainees.

We are known for our international reach. Our international dimension offers our clients an easy way to expand their business abroad. 

We offer a full-service model. Our full-service model isn't just convenient—it's a game-changer. It enables us to craft and execute comprehensive cross-channel strategies with ease.

Also, for our adaptable structure, which is supported by a vast network of 1600 freelancers. It means we're always equipped to meet specific needs with the perfect resources.

How many people do you employ?

MJ: Twenty. Most of them are in France, some are in Lithuania, we have one more person in Dublin. Our company is friendly, like a big family. 

You say you do SEA, SEO, SMA, CRO, data and tracking. For digital dummies, please translate what that means?

Yes, of course! 

- SEA (Search Engine Advertising): This involves placing paid ads on search engine results pages (such as Google Ads, Bing Ads)

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is about improving your website to increase its visibility in search engines for organic (unpaid) search results, drawing more visitors.

- SMA (Social Media Advertising): Using paid advertising on social media platforms (Such as Meta - Facebook & Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify)

- CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): This focuses on increasing the percentage of visitors to your website who perform desired actions, like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

- Data and Tracking: This involves collecting and analyzing data from your digital campaigns to understand performance and make informed decisions to optimize future strategies.

 Long story short, tell me a couple of Donutz Digital-driven success stories.

To mention a few, we work with e-commerce businesses in Lithuania and abroad, including Eric Bompard, Decathlon, L'Occitane, and C&D Style, as well as lead generation businesses such as Orange Cyberdefense, Healing Holidays, and Le Collectionist for whom we help to increase quality traffic to the website, increase sales and their profitability.

What is the golden rule in picking the right digital marketing agency?

The golden rule for selecting the right digital marketing agency is to choose one that not only aligns closely with your business goals and can demonstrate great results and technical expertise, but also one that feels good to work with and offers easy communication. Digital marketing agencies become your daily partners, so it's crucial to trust your gut feeling when making the right choice for your needs.

Who are the bright minds on your team? 

At Donutz Digital, our leadership team is composed of distinguished professionals with deep industry expertise: MJ (Marie-Joseph) Harpon, our Founder and CEO, formerly of Google, has contributed to over 200 projects, demonstrating a robust track record in technology and innovation; Zivile Paulikaite-Harpon, the company’s COO and Head of Sales, brings 15 years of international experience in France and Ireland, having worked for tech giants such as LinkedIn and Google.

With our key experts ready to tackle your digital marketing challenges:

– Benoit Jacques leads our French Google Ads team. An experienced professional with over 12 years at Google, Benoit brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven record in digital advertising;

– Jeremy Gerault, leads our French Social Media Ads team. As a Meta Ads expert and trainer, Jeremy offers extensive expertise in social media strategies;

–  Marie-Blanche Le Mauff, our Account Director and another former Googler, manages our most strategic accounts, ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and business impact.

Our SEO division is led by Audrey Lenglin, focusing on the French and English markets, and Aistis Strelciunas, who specializes in the Baltic and English markets. Each brings over a decade of SEO experience to the table.

Overall, Donutz Digital prides itself on a cohesive team of 20 consultants across Europe, dedicated to delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions.

What is next for Donutz Digital?

Our goal is to become a go-to agency in the European market and to establish ourselves as leaders in delivering outstanding results. Our mission is to ensure that as we grow, we maintain high standards for all our clients. Looking ahead, we plan to leverage our market knowledge and resources to provide innovative marketing solutions.