Former Estonian MP, MEP Mikko leading OSCE election monitoring mission to Romania

  • 2020-11-16
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Former MP and MEP Marianne Mikko is the first Estonian to have been appointed to lead the OSCE observation mission at the general elections in Romania to be held on Dec. 6, Postimees reports.

Mikko confirmed having applied for the position of the head of the OSCE election observation mission to Romania.

"The objective of the OSCE/ODIHR mission is less about the election day and more about assessing both the campaign period leading up to it as well as Romania's electoral law," Mikko said.

The Romanian general election is scheduled to take place on Dec. 6. 

"The election observation team which I lead consists of experts from various OSCE member states. Each expert has a local assistant, for instance, the Romanian media is being monitored by quite a lot of assistants," she said.

The observation mission began on Nov. 12. Mikko has thus far met with diplomats from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, management of the electoral committee and representatives of non-profit associations. 

"We will also hold meetings with representatives of the academia and various parties. Separate focus has been put on the media, particularly on television," she added.

As a result of the observation mission, two reports will be compiled.

"One of the report will be introduced to journalists on the day following the elections, that is in the morning of Dec. 7, and the second one, a final report on the Romanian elections, will be presented to the public two months after the elections," Mikko noted.

The rule of law is an important issue when it comes to the Romanian elections, she added.

"Corruption is mentioned increasingly frequently," Mikko said. She expressed hope that the expert team will do a good job regardless of election observation being somewhat complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.