For remote work businesses in the Baltic States most often hire specialists from the United Kingdom, Canada and USA

  • 2022-08-09

The number of specialists hired remotely has grown rapidly during the first six months of this year globally, including in the Baltic States, according to Deel, the world's leading remote hiring platform. In Estonia, for example, the number of remote hires rose by 213%, and Latvian businesses are also increasingly looking to remote hiring to find qualified professionals in other countries. Since Deel entered the Latvian market in February this year, the platform's service intensity has grown by 20-30% per month.

According to Deel's latest global report, which spans the last six months and collates data on over 100,000 employment contracts, the number of remote hires worldwide has increased by an average of 145%. The positions in which employees are most sought and hired remotely are data analyst, product designer, programmer, software engineer, customer experience manager, etc.

In Latvia, the number of UK-based remote workers hired through Deel has grown most quickly in recent months: by 120%. These are mostly statistical data analysts and product designers, as well as a wide range of programmers. Most often - in 70% of cases – it is young professionals up to the age of 34 who are hired with Deel’s support.

"This year, a survey of Estonian entrepreneurs conducted by the Centre for Applied Social Sciences at the University of Tartu discovered that there are a number of reasons why Estonian entrepreneurs consider international remote work important, and the majority of their insights also apply to Latvia and Lithuania. In particular, there is a shortage of specialists with specific skills in the Baltic States, but it is unlikely that such specialists will relocate from abroad to live in the Baltics, in which case international remote work is the only way to attract the required personnel. In a globally competitive environment, a good professional can choose an employer from any country, so remote work is an key tool to address the shortage of highly skilled labour in certain professions, and in particular in the IT sector," explains Liina Laas, Deel's Head of Expansion for Central and Eastern Europe.

In the Baltic region, the popularity of remote hiring is growing especially quickly in Estonia, where the biggest rise is in the recruitment of professionals from the United Kingdom and Canada (up 186% and 180% respectively). In Lithuania, the number of US-based employees hired has risen by 153%. Similar to Latvia, businesses in the other Baltic States have mostly found young employees in IT-related fields through Deel.

Overall, in global terms, specialists from Asian countries are being hired most actively including the Philippines, India and Pakistan, but it is Kyrgyzstan that has seen the fastest growth of 325% in the last six months, with software engineers, statistical data analysts and creative solutions specialists being the most sought-after in these countries.

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