Exploring the trends of fast casinos in the Baltic region

  • 2024-06-05

Online casinos are popular in almost every corner of the world. The Baltic region is definitely no exception to the rule. In fact, thanks to several game providers like Gamzix hailing from the Baltics, things are getting hotter than ever. Also, we should never discount the importance of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board as a central licensing authority in Europe.

In this article, we go over a very hot topic in the online casino industry today. This topic is so-called fast casinos and how they are changing the game for everyone involved, including in the Baltic region.

What are fast casinos?

When we talk about fast casinos, we are not talking about losing money at a faster rate than normal. Instead, we are referring to casinos that can be accessed whenever and wherever you want, without the need for any registration processes whatsoever.

Typically, when users arrive at an online casino, they are asked to provide their personal details in order to open an account. These details include the person’s name, address, email, and gender, as well as preferred username and password. Registering an account usually takes around 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the speed at which you can write on your mobile phone or desktop.

After registration, players also need to make their first deposit to start playing the available casino games. Depositing money can also take a few minutes, again depending on your experience and what payment methods you are using.

When playing online casino games with mobile devices started gaining more ground, companies around the industry began to innovate to make accessing casinos easier. In 2015, the Swedish Trustly finally released its so-called Pay N Play feature. This feature allowed new online casinos to join the registration process and the deposit process together. This was done with the help of bankID, which meant that players could use their online banking systems to identify themselves during their deposit process.

Nowadays, all fast casinos use one of four available payment methods to offer Pay N Play functionality. These payment methods are Trustly, Zimpler, Brite, and Euteller. The brand Nopeakasino lists numerous online casinos using these methods. While the first three companies are Swedish and the fourth one is Finnish, all of these services are more or less indistinguishable from one another.

Fast casino bonuses

When the first few fast casinos started popping up, many online casino players were disappointed. While older casinos used to pamper their customers with massive deposit bonuses and free spins packages, Pay N Play casinos were reluctant to give their new members any bonuses at all. Instead, fast casinos were choosing to put all their eggs in one basket, going all out on marketing themselves as fast and, ultimately, simple casinos.

After a period of close to no bonuses, even fast casinos had to reinvent themselves. Since more and more brands were turning to Pay N Play, bonuses needed to be brought back to differentiate from the competition. This marked the beginning of so-called cashback casinos, which would pay a portion of the players’ losses back to them in an effort to incentivize more risk-taking.

At the time of writing, Pay N Play casinos have been around for close to a decade. During this time, most casinos have somewhat reverted back to their old, true, and tried bonuses. Even deposit bonuses and free spins have slowly crept back in.

Fast casino games

Online casino game selections have never really been affected by the switch to the Pay N Play model. As fast as these casino brands have always been, their casino selections have been as heavy and wholesome as ever. Instead of completely moving to smaller and more agile casinos, modern fast casinos are more like tanks with a Ferrari engine.

Most online casinos serving Baltic customers have more than 1000 slots and other games available. In fact, some brands will even reach the heights of closer than 4000 games.


Fast casinos are undoubtedly here to stay. Thanks to their nimble nature, they have become a huge favorite among newbies and experts alike.

To conclude, gambling online has never been easier, faster, or more fun than it is today with Pay N Play casinos running the show.