Event Guide

  • 2017-05-17


May 18-20, Alternative Music Festival Indiefest, various locations in Tartu

Tartu Indiefest is an alternative culture festival that brings the newest, most interesting and mind-blowing artists from Estonia and abroad to the audience to celebrate individual creativity and the courage to stray away from the mainstream. 2017 sees the 5th birthday of Tartu Indiefest already, celebrating with concerts in the coolest venues in Tartu, artists from home and abroad and events to make your mind wander towards summer with the first warm days of May. The three-day festival takes place on several locations around Tartu to treat the audience with some newest indie music. Discover the calm atmosphere of Estonia's student town together with the music that's only starting to take over radio charts! Learn more about the festival at the official webpage www.indiefest.eu 

May 20, Night of Museums 2017, all over Estonia

During the Saturday evening in May, the museums and other memory institutions in Estonia open their doors at a later time and free of charge to celebrate the all-European Night of Museums. The 2017 Night of Museums takes place on Saturday, May 20. This evening’s program is diverse and exciting. There is a lot to discover! The full program is available online: 

programm.muuseumioo.ee The Night of Museums is organized by Estonian museums, the Estonian Museum Association and ICOM Eesti.

May 20-21, International Festival JazzTime, Sillamae

International festival JazzTime was founded in 2004 by Sillamae Music School. Throughout its history, JazzTime hosted different participants – from very young musicians, who are just starting their careers, to such masters as the famous pianist and composer Raimond Pauls. Bands from Estonia, Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Japan, France and Russia come to share with the audience their love of music, as well as their contribution to it. JazzTime 2017 will be taking place 20-21 May in Sillamae. The festival’s program consists of open-air concerts, evening concerts in Sillamae Cultural Center, various workshops and jam-sessions. More information on the festival’s schedule, artists and tickets can be found at www.jazztime.ee 

May 26-28, Kuressaare Street Festival, Kuressaare

In spring, Kuressaare will close its city centre to cars and make space to pedestrians, cyclists, traders, artists, poets, and soup-makers. The first Kuressaare Street Festival welcomes everybody: both from the city and from the countryside, from the mainland and from the sea!

May 31 – June 04, International Festival of Oriental Music “Orient”, Tallinn

The festival Orient is the longest-running oriental music festival in the Baltic countries and, strictly speaking, the only music festival dedicated to authentic Asian music. With the first festival having taken place in 1992, the festival is celebrating the honorary 25th anniversary this year. Orient is so far the only festival in the Baltics dedicated to authentic extra-European, first and foremost Asian, music and culture. This year’s Orient bears the name Ancient Songs from Caravan Routes indicating that most of the program is either directly or indirectly connected to the musical and cultural traditions from the times when caravans played a vital role in man’s livelihood. The performers come from Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Mongolia and Japan. In addition to concerts the audience can participate in and enjoy exhibitions, lectures, an oriental bazaar and ethnic cuisine. Detailed information on the festival program, participants and tickets is available at www.festivalorient.com  

Open till June 04, mart Vainre’s Solo Exhibition Bubbles, City Gallery, Tallinn

In the exhibition Bubbles, the young painter Mart Vainre imitates the methods of editing digital images using brush, paint and canvas. In the role of a machine, he endeavors to make sense of the information processing mechanisms in the smart-world, where user preferences are predicted by algorithms and consequently lock users into so-called filter bubbles. Each of Vainre’s paintings come about from one or two considered brush strokes, and all the successive additions of paint are the re-workings or samplings of these scant beginnings. At the exhibition, we see different incarnations of the filter bubble, which on closer inspection do not consist of anything other than endless variations and repetitions of their own basic elements. Vainre’s work flirts with elements of formalism and conceptualism. His works are true to the traditions of painting, but seek innovation and address contemporary and relevant topics. 

Tallinn City Gallery (Harju 13) is open Wednesday to Sunday 12PM–6PM, admission is free. Learn more at www.kunstihoone.ee 



May 19, Sinfonietta Riga Season Closing Concert, Great Guild, Riga

Concluding its first decade and entering the teen years, chamber orchestra Sinfonietta Riga in its season closing concert offers a buffet of musical styles. The classical tradition and excerpt from the dashing Don Juan's aria will be presented by Joseph Haydn's first London symphony; the restless, tormented romantic soul will be exquisitely drawn by the Grande Allegro in the spirit of Mendelssohn's violin concerto by the Italian Giovanni Bottesini, dubbed 'the double bass Paganini'; the American Steve Reich will nod to the ancient Jewish Torah chants in his stirring, meandering opus “Eight Lines”; and in the perfect symmetries of the travel music by John Adams we will be able to notice the motifs of boogie-woogie, pop and minimalist rock. Tickets can be purchased online via www.bilesuparadize.lv and more info on the concert can be found at www.latvijaskoncerti.lv 

Open till May 21, Exhibition Hyperrealism. Movement Manifestations in Latvia, Arsenals Exhibition Hall, Riga

The exhibition Hyperrealism. Movement Manifestations in Latvia looks at the arrival and development of hyperrealism in Latvia, encompassing the period from 1967 to 2017. The peak of hyperrealism in Latvia in the 1970s coincided with the propagation of photorealism – a movement originating in the USA – in Europe, where it acquired the name – hyperrealism. Yet other names are also used for the movement: superrealism, cold realism, radical realism, sharp focus realism. Altogether, 170 works by more than 50 artists have been selected for the exhibition. Its core is formed from the contribution by the first and most consistent generation of Latvian hyperrealists – Imants Lancmanis, Guntis Strupulis, Liga Purmale, Miervaldis Polis, Maris Argalis. At the same time, it must be noted, that there are few pure examples of hyperrealism in Latvian art. The exhibition includes works from the Latvian National Museum of Art, Tartu Art Museum, the ABLV Bank Collection for the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, Māksla XO Gallery and Riga Gallery collections, as well as the private collections of Zuzāns family, Irina and Māris Vītols, Vilis Dambiņš, Zaiga and Māris Gailis, Mārtiņš Knipšis, Anita Vanaga, artists’ private collections etc. Exhibition is a part of Latvia’s centenary project Ten Episodes of Latvian Art in the Second Half of the 20th Century. Find out more at the Latvian National Museum of Art homepage: www.lnmm.lv 

May 24-28, International Beer Festival Latviabeerfest 2017, Vermanes Garden Park, Riga

Latvians are well known for their beer brewing traditions. The international beer festival Latviabeerfest 2017 will be held for five days at Vermanes Park in downtown Riga, where beer lovers will be able to try a wide variety of local and foreign beers, enjoy traditional Latvian cuisine, as well as get acquainted with and purchase items made by local craftsmen and food producers. Detailed festival information is available at www.latviabeerfest.lv 

May 26-28, Sigulda Town Festival, Sigulda

Many fun and active events will be held at the Sigulda Town Festival – traditional festive procession, amateur performances, concerts and attractions for children. Holiday culmination will be a special concert and open-air party. A special restaurant for children will be set up during the Sigulda Town Festival, which will pay special attention to meals for the little ones. Chefs from the Riga-Gauja region will be on hand to serve dishes for the whole family. In addition to the food tastings, an extensive cultural program for families will take place, featuring entertaining musical performances, as well as many other activities. Visit www.sigulda.lv for more information on all festival events. Please note that entrance to the festival is free for everybody.

May 27, Jurmala Resort Festival, various locations in Jurmala

Jurmala Resort Festival is a very special celebration, marking the beginning of the summer season in the largest resort town of the Baltics. Jurmala Town Council and local residents have prepared a number of spectacular events for all the visitors. The entrance to the festival is free. Find out more at www.jurmala.lv 

Open till June 04, Ilze Vanaga’s Exhibition Leaving Paradise, Kanepes Culture Centre, Riga

Latvian photographer Ilze Vanaga’s poetic work is mainly concerned with themes of childhood, motherhood, motherland and home. In her photographs, truth alternates with fiction and symbols with emotions. Her works act as psychological journeys helping the artist explore and discover herself and her individual world. The exhibition is open daily 13:00-02:00; the entrance is free of charge. Learn more about the exhibition at www.rigasfotomenesis.lv 



May 18-21, Traditional Jazz Dance Festival Harlem 2017, Vilnius

International Traditional Jazz Dance & Music Festival Harlem is a weekend long celebration of jazz culture brought to you by Lindyhop.lt club. The festival gathers jazz dance enthusiasts from around the world every year in Vilnius. This year, Lindyhop.lt club proudly presents the 12th edition of Harlem, bringing the raging joy of jazz era to Vilnius ballrooms, clubs and streets. Come on and take a time machine back to the 1930s! It is going to be a great time off in Harlem with 3 days and 4 nights of hot jazz music, fancy performances and crazy social dancing. This year performers and teachers are coming from the USA, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France and Spain. Find out more about performers, teachers, classes and tickets at www.harlem.lt 

May 19, Carmina Burana, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius

The National Philharmonic Society closes its 76th season with an impressive symphonic music concert featuring the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Modestas Pitrenas, Kaunas State Choir and a team of outstanding soloists – charismatic French harpist Xavier de Maistre and three Lithuanian singers: Vera Talerko (soprano), Algirdas Bagdonavicius (countertenor) and Vytautas Juozapaitis (baritone). The concert program offers a true feast for the audience: Joaquín Rodrigo’s fiery Concierto de Aranjuez (originally written for classical guitar the Concerto will be performed on harp; arranged by tonight’s soloist). The Choir and Orchestra will present the artistic portrait of the temperamental Brazilian Heitor Villa-Lobos with his most popular symphonic piece from the cycle Laments (better known by its Portuguese title Choros). The concert will crown with Carl Orff’s world-famous scenic cantata Carmina Burana. Orff picked 24 texts from several-hundred poems constituting the 13th-century manuscripts, which were discovered in a monastery at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. The composer selected the texts dealing with nature and love as well as drinking and satire, and subtitled the opus cantiones profanae (secular songs). Detailed information on the concert and ticket purchase can be found at www.filharmonija.lt 

May 20, Street Music Day, various locations in Lithuania

Street Music Day is the event which unites all who speak the world’s most universal language – the language of music. The tradition of organizing a country-wide music day was originally the initiative of Andrius Mamontovas, a famous Lithuanian singer and actor, who invited everyone to join him and just jam on the streets. In response to his invitation, professional and amateur musicians flood into the streets, yards, parks and squares of Vilnius and other cities. Armed with a variety of musical instruments, they play rock, classics, jazz, avant-garde and folklore and beat African rhythms. On this day all Lithuanian cities and towns engage into the fest of free creation and socializing between musicians and the public. The entrance to the events is free of charge. See the map and program at www.gmd.lt 

May 21, Concert by Bel Canto Choir Vilnius and the Purdue Varsity Glee Club Unblock. Music That Break Barriers, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius

A special Sunday night in Vilnius with 120 singers on the stage of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall – Bel Canto Choir Vilnius (artistic director Dr. Egidijus Kaveckas) and a renowned U.S. university male choir – the Purdue Varsity Glee Club (artistic director William E. Griffel) – present their joint music project – Unblock. Music That Breaks Barriers. Two different choirs from Lithuania and the U.S. will present the most beautiful contemporary choral music and interpretations of well-known jazz, musical, barbershop and gospel pieces in a joint concert. Sixty singers from the mixed choir Bel Canto Choir Vilnius and 60 singers from the male Purdue Varsity Glee Club will take part in the concert. Detailed information on the concert and ticket purchase can be found at www.filharmonija.lt 

May 24, Concert by Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo, Concert Hall Organum, Vilnius

By invitation of Arts Libera International a famous Danish guitar virtuoso ensemble Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo is coming to perform in Lithuania. They will present their new and intriguing artistic program to the fans of good music in Vilnius, Palanga and Birstonas. Two charismatic musicians Kristian Gantriis and Volkmar Zimmermann met in 2001. The duo immediately realized that they have an identical musical heartbeat and did everything to cherish and develop this gift. As a result, the establishment of Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo was a natural and inevitable step. Famous artists, who have a solid international career and worldwide critical acclaim behind their backs, have been rediscovered in a brand-new role. Excellent musicians and top-class guitar players have an excellent feel for each other on stage, and their performances are always met by admiration and satisfaction from the audience. In their hands, guitars sound like a small orchestra, and their extraordinary talents reveal all the capabilities and the beauty of the instrument. It is no surprise they are welcome guests on stages all over the world. The concert will feature music from all over the world: from the golden classics to Spanish, Latin and contemporary compositions. Additional information can be found at www.artslibera.com/projektai and tickets can be purchased at www.bilietai.lt