Event Guide

  • 2017-04-05

March 31 – April 30, Marko Mäetamm’s Solo Exhibition “I’m Only Streaming”, Tallinn City Gallery, Tallinn
Marko Mäetamm’s solo exhibition I’m Only Streaming is open at Tallinn City Gallery till 30 March. The painter, who has mainly been inspired by family life over the past decade, is now turning his attention to wars, catastrophes and other emergencies raging around the world and the willing and unwilling powerlessness of normal people in regard to these subjects. At the exhibition, visitors will see excerpts from a travel diary, large paintings, comics, sculptural objects and much more. The abundance of pictures is dizzying and reminiscent of the endless streams on social media. Art Hall curator, Siim Preiman, finds the key to explaining the exhibition in the title, “At first, Mäetamm’s humorous tone can be misleading and make us think it is a light-hearted joke. I think it’s the opposite – the artist focuses on the social justice warriors within us all, who just stream, like and tweet, but who are incapable of actually taking part in solving global problems.” Full information on the exhibition is available at www.kunstihoone.ee

April 7, Jazz Concert by Rebecca Kontus, Theatre NO99 Jazz Club, Tallinn
Rebecca Kontus is a composer and singer who is difficult to classify in terms of genre. Her mellow timbre sounds great in jazz, however, the singer has experimented and challenged herself in very different styles, from gospel to rock. One can get this kind of colorful experience from her five solo albums. With her program Streets of Paris, Rebecca performs French chansons with other talented musicians. In addition to the famous songs sung by Piaf, the creation of other French composers is also in the program. The concert is organized by the Estonian Jazz Union. More information on the concert can be found at www.jazz.ee

April 6-8, Tallinn Book Fair 2017, National Library of Estonia, Tallinn
The National Library of Estonia and the Estonian Publishers’ Association invite everyone to the annual Spring Book Fair at the National Library. Both small and big book lovers are welcome. A big book sale takes place and many different events are held, including book launches, meetings with authors, and workshops for children. In addition, exciting seminars and trainings take place. Almost 30 publishing houses offer books with special prices. Come with the whole family and spend time with books and knowledge! The entrance to the fair is free of charge. For more information please visit www.estbook.com

April 6-13, Estonian Music Days 2017, Tallinn
The festival Estonian Music Days (EMP) comes again with the fresh energy of spring! Taking place for the 38th time already, EMP is Estonia’s largest festival for premieres, bringing more than 25 new pieces written especially for the festival by the most outstanding Estonian composers of all generations to the audience over a week in 2017. This year’s theme is Through Dimness. The works will be performed by top Estonian groups and interpreters, among them the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Vox Clamantis, Estonian Cello Ensemble, Erkki-Sven Tüür, Johan Randvere, Peeter Vähi, Hele-Riin Uib, Ulla Krigul, Saale Fischer, Kristel Aer, Theodor Sink, and others. Foreign performers are represented by internationally recognised interpreters from France and Russia, among them pianist Nicolas Horvath and percussionist Le Quan Ninh from France and oboe player Dmitri Bulgakov from Russia. The festival is organized by the Estonian Composers’ Union. Additional information on the festival can be found at www.eestimuusikapaevad.ee

April 14-16, Tallinn Crafts Fair, Tallinn
Tallinn Crafts Fair – it is crafts, gifts, jewelry, home furnishings, workshops, entertainment, food and drinks, and much more. It is a major event in the field of crafts, with the aim of popularizing crafts and offering wonderful stories from the world of design, art, and taste experiences. In addition to shopping, you can learn a few nifty tricks and sly pieces of wisdom. Tallinn Crafts Fair is a large handicraft festival, which features an entire selection of crafts. The fair is open from 10:00 to 18:00 and the entrance is free of charge. Learn more at www.tallinnakäsitöömess.ee
April 14-23, 11th Japanese Animation Film Festival JAFF, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Narva
Japanese animation and lifestyle film festival JAFF is an annual film festival bringing the latest and greatest animated, feature and documentary films from Japan to the cinemas of Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Narva. This year the festival will be held for the 11th time, bigger and better than ever! The festival features various programs – from Japanese cuisine to school films – that introduce you to the best new and old movies of all kinds and shapes. JAFF ends with an annual party, Animemöll, at the Solaris centre, featuring cosplay, lectures, demonstrations and much more! Go to jaff10.animefest.eu to find out more.


April 6-8, Riga Jazz Stage 2017, Splendid Place Cinema, Riga
Every year, the international jazz competition Riga Jazz Stage gathers up and coming jazz musicians from Latvia and around the world, allowing the audience to follow their favorite musicians during the competition and enjoy top quality jazz in yet unheard interpretations. This year’s competition will take place in two categories – Jazz Vocals and Jazz Guitar. Jazz lovers will be able to enjoy live concerts three nights in a row at the competition’s venue – the Splendid Palace cinema. Furthermore, music lovers are invited to attend special Jam Sessions, or the official afterparty, each night at jazz club Trompete from 10:30 PM. More information is available at www.rigajazz.lv

April 7-24, 22nd International Baltic Ballet Festival, Riga, Rezekne, Ventspils and Preili
This year’s edition of the International Baltic Ballet Festival will offer performances to audiences in Riga, Rezekne, Preili and Ventspils. The festival’s slogan invariably is “From the classics to the avant-garde”, while the theme of love is prevalent this year to multiply the good, the beautiful, the noble, and the eternal in the world and the people. The Beijing Dance Theatre and Giordano Jazz Dance Company from Chicago will be the special guests this year. The festival’s program also envisages the traditional opening concert at Riga’s International Railway Station/shopping centre ORIGO, the exhibition dedicated to the festival at Galerija Centrs, an evening of Swedish cinema, and other activities. Tickets to the shows and concerts of the 22nd International Baltic Ballet Festival are available at the Bilesu Paradize and Bilesu Serviss ticket networks, www.bilesuparadize.lv and www.bilesuserviss.lv

April 12, Bird Flies, Concert by Elza Rozentale & the Band, Culture Center Ziemelblazma, Riga
The concert program Bird Flies will allow the audience to get acquainted with Elza Rozentale’s distinctive singing manner. During the first part of the program, the musicians will perform unheard versions of Latvian folk songs that will take the audience on a meditative journey accompanied by the songs of birds. During the second part of the concert, the musicians will delight the audience with exciting jazz, rock and popular melodies. The concert program’s visual projections will be made by artist Anna Meldraja. Tickets can be purchased online at www.bilesuparadize.lv
April 12, Agnus Dei, Easter Concert by Inese Galante & Friends, Dome Cathedral, Riga
On this night, there will be performances from many classical musicians, including opera-diva Inese Galante, countertenor Sergejs Jegers, organist Aivars Kalejs, as well as the winners of the Inese Galante Talents competition, performing traditional sacred Easter music. The concert starts at 19:00. To buy tickets please visit www.bilesuparadize.lv
Open till April 15, Lying Awake, Modern Jewelry and Accessory Exhibition by Alise Talberga and Maija Vitola, Putti Art Gallery, Riga
Emerging designers Alise Talberga and Maija Vitola are connected by studies at the Latvian Academy of Arts and active participation in the art jewelry world. The concept of the exhibition has a purpose of stimulating philosophical contemplation about the world, which we encounter in early childhood, the world that is full of metaphors and life lessons – fairy tale kingdom. The information locked in fairy tales is displayed through symbols – by interpreting it, the artists invite to pay attention to the inner world of human beings and spiritual values that should be cherished and developed. The stage design of the exhibition Lying Awake transforms the art gallery Putti into a space that holds the birth of artists’ ideas and dreams materializing into jewelry pieces, visualizing the emotions and atmosphere of the jewelry making process. There is an opinion that the life of a jewelry piece begins at the moment when the new owner starts to wear it. That is the moment when a dream transforms into reality. Learn more at www.putti.lv

April 16-17, Easter at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, Riga
It is important to wake up early to join the fun at the annual Easter event at the museum, which will be celebrated in folklore, Christian and modern-day traditions. The church services at the Usma Church will begin at 10:00 AM. Various fun activities will also take place, including: egg painting and swinging, song and dance, as well as other merry Latvian Easter customs, including the ‘’bird chasing rite’’. The Priede Tavern will also serve traditional Easter dishes to hungry visitors. An arts and crafts market will also be held. More information on the event program can be found at www.brivdabasmuzejs.lv


April 3-14, Photography Exhibition “Rain Children”, Gallery of Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, Vilnius
In the exhibition, the author presents photos in which the look of a rain child whose life is fixed. Rain child is a boy who externally does not differ from his contemporaries; however, he lives in his world which is hardly understood by many people. Several years ago, the Lithuanian autism association Rain Children was created. The association unites hundreds of families that grow autistic children. This boy is one of these rain children. The admission to the exhibition is free.
April 7, The Rite of Spring, Contemporary Street Dance Performance, Arts Printing House, Vilnius
The contemporary and street dance performance is based on a ballet and orchestral concert work by composer Igor Stravinsky. After more than a century, the Urban Dance Theatre Low Air is seeking to resurrect the ballet and carry it through urban choreography, especially created music and the latest technical audio and video broadcasting capabilities. Although in Lithuania, like in the rest of the world, The Rite of Spring versions have been developed quite a lot, but it will be the first urban interpretation of this classical piece. Tickets can be purchased online via www.tiketa.lt Learn more about the performance at www.menuspaustuve.lt

April 8, Conversations with Piano, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius
The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society celebrates the 20th anniversary of Kaskados Trio, one of Lithuania’s most vibrant and productive chamber ensembles. The trio includes acclaimed soloists and chamber music performers: violinist Rusnė Mataitytė, pianist Albina Šikšniūtė and cellist Edmundas Kulikauskas. Kaskados Trio has repeatedly appeared at Lithuania’s major festivals (Gaida, Christopher Summer, Thomas Mann, Pažaislis, Permainų muzika, Iš arti), toured in Austria, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Poland and Japan. The repertoire of the trio embraces different genres from all periods, with contemporary Lithuanian music receiving special attention. In addition to diligent devotion to promulgation of Lithuanian chamber music repertoire, the trio annually enriches its repertoire with new works by contemporary Lithuanian composers. During the concert, Kaskados Trio will premiere Triple Concerto for violin, cello, piano and orchestra by Lithuanian composer Anatolijus Šenderovas. The Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, soprano Lilija Gubaidulina, mezzo-soprano Ieva Prudnikovaitė and tenor Edgaras Davidovičius led by maestro Modestas Pitrėnas will offer Shostakovich’s song cycle from Jewish Folk Poetry and the Ninth Symphony. Detailed information on the concert and ticket purchase can be found at www.filharmonija.lt

April 13, Vivaldi Favorites, St. Catherine’s Church, Vilnius

Antonio Vivaldi is one of the most favorite composers of all time, and almost everyone has heard about his legendary piece The Four Seasons. This time at the concert, there will be a fresh repertoire – pieces for violin, bassoon and orchestra will be presented. This concert is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful live music and open undiscovered treasure. Buy tickets online at www.bilietai.lt

April 13, Concert by Istvan Kvik and Gipsy Theatre “Sare Roma”, Vaidila Theatre, Vilnius
Temperamental and live performed Gypsy music is undoubtedly one of the richest and most colorful in the world. On 13 April, charismatic Istvan Kvik and Gypsy theatre Sare Roma invite you to a special concert with accompaniment of a professional string quintet Giunter Light Orchestra. All together, they shall create an enchanting world of passion and freedom. Tickets can be purchased online via www.bilietai.lt

April 18-22, Festival “Young Music”, Arts Printing House, Vilnius
Young Music is the biggest festival of electronic and electro-acoustic music in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Organized by the Lithuanian Composers Union, it presents to the audience the newest music art awards and projects, with special attention paid to electronic and electro-acoustic music. More information on the festival performances can be found at www.menuspaustuve.lt Tickets can be purchased online via www.bilietai.lt

April 19, Live Concert by Jamala, Concert Hall Compensa, Vilnius
The singer cherishes her love for music since childhood. She released her first album at the age of nine. On 19 April in Vilnius, she will present her newest album 1944 released together with one of the biggest record companies Universal. Graduate of P. Tchaikovsky Music Academy, Jamala knows how to use her voice performing various music styles. She trained as an opera soloist at the Academy, became laureate of many jazz festivals, sang folk songs of various nations, and tried performing compositions of other music styles. In her newest album, melodies of modern R&B and soul music styles can be heard. Tickets can be purchased online via www.bilietai.lt