Event Guide

  • 2017-07-12


July 13-15, I Land Sound, Illiku Islet, Orissaare Parish

This summer, an exciting festival called I Land Sound is going to take place on Illiku Islet from 13-15 July. The purpose is to enjoy everything that the beautiful nature, great music and art, friends, and the Estonian summer have to offer. A proper sea breeze and a ferry trip will take off your mask, which will enable you to find yourself on the other shore. Islanders are known for sticking together and I Land Sound is no exception – the electronic nightlife pioneers, artists, and the locals shall join forces for an enriching event. Three unique days and a never-to-be-forgotten memory – come experience it yourself! Learn more about the festival at www.ilandsound.ee 

July 14-15, Punk & Rock Festival 2017, Raadi Manor Park, Tartu

This year's music festival Punk & Rock takes place in Tartu's Raadi manor park on July 14-16, bringing a musical gourmet of Estonian punk and rock groups to the guests. Please go to www.kultuuriaken.tartu.ee  to get more information on the festival.

July 14-22, Saaremaa Opera Days 2017, Kuresaare Castle Yard, Saare County

For the 10th summer already, Saaremaa with its enchanting nature will host the opera days in its capital. An opera house accommodating 2000 guests will be erected in the courtyard of the 13th century episcopal castle for the sake of the music lovers. The guest of the Opera Days is Krefeld Mönchengladbach Opera Theatre from Germany, treating the public to Wagner’s “Lohengrin”, Verdi’s “Masquerade Ball”, Mascagni’s “Peasant's Honor”, Puccini’s “Gianni Schicchi”, and Carl Orff’s spectacular stage work “Carmina burana”. The festival culminates with the world premiere of Rein Rannap’s new opera “Nurjatu saar” (“Villainous Island”). The festival program also includes the super popular Alexela opera gala and children's gala. The festival program and full information is available at www.saaremaaopera.com 

July 15-18, Tallinn Maritime Days, Tallinn

Tallinn Maritime Days is the largest free marine festival for families that combines events related to nautical life and the port, a conference for tourism and maritime professionals, opportunities to explore various large foreign vessels, concerts, sailing trips, Tallinn Race for yachts, water attractions, shows and other nautical entertainment for the inhabitants and guests of Tallinn. This year the festival celebrations will last for four days as the world’s biggest sail training regatta visits Tallinn, and will take place in five different harbors: Old City marina, Seaplane harbor, and in partner harbors – Haven Kakumäe, Port of Noblessner and Pirita marina. Find out more at 


Open till July 18, Leonhard Lapin’s Exhibition “Machines”, Avangard Gallery, Pärnu

The exhibition Machines, which is dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Leonhard Lapin, brings to the audience the selected works from the master’s most well-known series “Machines” (“Woman-Machine”, “Man-Machine”, “Ovals”, “Crosses”, etc.). Some of the works are rarities, which have not been exhibited to the Estonian art audience for decades. In addition to the prints made in 1970, the new spatial installation “Temple of the Machines” (2017), which links different mechanisms and has just been completed, will also be shown. The work belongs to Lapin's architectonics aka temples, with which the artist started in 1974 and which he has been one of the few artists (possibly the only one!) in Europe to regularly create. Even now, 40 years after the completion of the last series of “Machines”, the works are still fresh and actual. In the world where countless technical problems follow our daily lives, we perceive the mental and physical integration with the world of machines more than ever. However, the co-existence of human and machine is not accompanied by idyllic synergy – at the same time, the individual existence of the machines is distancing from us with every second. In 2017, the human kind must admit that we cannot fight with natural pollution and the machines control us more than vice versa. All this confirms Lapin’s theory of the eternally existing nature of machines, which is detached from our will. The exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, The Union of Estonian Architects and Pärnu City Administration. Find out more at www.avangardgallery.eu 

July 14-15, Võsu Jazz 2017, Vihula Parish, Võsu

Cool summer festival Võsu Jazz is held in one of the most beautiful beach resorts of Estonia, Võsu. The key ingredients of Võsu Jazz are summer, high-quality musicians, beautiful home gardens, good food, and magical atmosphere. Being one of the largest resorts of Northern Estonia, Võsu is an ideal location (situated in just an hour drive from Tallinn) for holding a musical gourmet festival. This year Võsu Jazz has joined forces with Võsu music days – on the first day, on Friday, 14th July, the opening ceremony of the festival with Marju Länik and Rakvere City Orchestra will take place in Võsu village, and orchestras and smaller groups will perform in the school courtyard, bus station, and other venues. On Saturday, 15th July, the public will enjoy garden concerts in the most beautiful gardens of Võsu, as well as the concert by the main performer, the saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis of the James Brown band (United States of America). All concerts are free of charge. More information about the festival’s program is available at www.vosujazz.ee 



Open till July 15, Maija Nora Tabaka’s Exhibition, Gallery Daugava, Riga

Meeting up with Maija Nora Tabaka’s (1939) paintings is always a celebration. It is not an exaggeration – she is Latvia’s most popular painter. This time it is her retrospection at Gallery Daugava, meeting with the images created by Maija Tabaka – beautiful yet mysterious characters, birds, flowers and lights. The viewer becomes a part of the artist’s creative vision. This exhibition will be especially rewarding for those who are capable of appreciating the artist’s outstanding paintings skills. Find out more about the exhibition at www.galerijadaugava.lv

July 15-16, Jomas Street Festival, Jurmala

This spectacular summertime festival will be held to celebrate one of the oldest streets in Jurmala – Jomas Street. This celebration will be marked with an extensive concert program presented on several stages, theatrical performances, exciting sports activities and a special stage for children. All festivities are free of charge. The festival program is available at www.visitjurmala.lv 

Open from July 20, Dace Liela’s Solo Exhibition of Paintings, Gallery Daugava, Riga

Over the past year, or since her previous solo exhibition, Dace Liela (1957) has created a new collection of works. We can only guess whether it is nature that inspires her excellent work, or her own thoughts. About ten years ago, the artist worked a lot in the area of figural painting, but now she concentrates more on nature, which is still just an image which allows playing with different peripheries, moods and experiences. When viewing paintings by Dace Liela, one must agree that what nature offers is endless, just as the nuances of color and light which can be found in nature. To follow the news on this exhibition please visit the gallery’s official web page: 


July 20-23, International Pop Music Festival Rendez-Vous’17, Dzintari Concert Hall, Jurmala

The 3rd edition of the annual pop music festival this year will be the largest and most magnificent yet. Festival goers will be delighted by more than 40 popular music stars and bands from Latvia and all over the world. On July 20th the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra will open the festival and Metropolitan Opera star soprano Kristine Opolais will have one of her rare performances in Latvia. Russian, Latvian and international pop artists will perform as well. For festival’s full program please go to www.jurmalarandevu.lv and buy tickets online via 


July 21, Sing Along Concert, J. Haydn's “The Creation” Oratory, Dome Cathedral, Riga

International Sing Along Concerts are the artistic highlight of the most active part of the international choral stage. The project World Festival Singers started in 2015, and now unites about 1 400 singers from all continents in spectacular performances of some of the masterpieces of the choral symphonic literature. In 2017, singers from all over the world are invited to Riga for a distinguished performance of Joseph Haydn’s “The Creation” in Riga Dome Cathedral. Learn more at www.singinriga.lv 



July 13, Future Cello Concert by The Amazing Cello, St. Catherine’s Church, Vilnius

Each appearance of TheAmazing Cello leaves audiences believing the cello is an instrument of unexpected potential. And it can be no other way once you find out what’s behind this stage name. He is one of the best effect pedal masters in the world, a virtuosi cellist, Justas Kulikauskas.

This performer loves everything that makes the heart beat faster – so much so that his own appearances are simply breath-taking! TheAmazing Cello is an impressive synthesis of original and popular music, the sounds of the cello and electronica, not restricted by genre or any stylistic framework. So, all that’s left is to get ready for a powerful impression! Program features original compositions and popular music. Prices range EUR 10.00-18.00, purchase tickets online at www.bilietai.lt 

July 17-30, Midsummer Vilnius Festival 2017, The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius

When cities emerge to the summer heat, the heart of Vilnius flatters: Palace of the Grand Dukes located at the foot of Gediminas Hill breathes life in the mid-summer. Along the streets of the Old Town, city dwellers and city guests flow to the Palace searching for a fresh cultural wind. The gates of the Palace open widely to everyone searching for evenings that leave a sounding step in one’s memory. From nuggets of the classical music to the gust of impetuous popular music, from the most beautiful opera arias under the starry sky to soul and jazz consonance with accompaniment of the stage lights orchestra… For the second year in a row, such a fresh, live, cultural and close festival in the heart of the city Midsummer Vilnius shall invite everybody searching for a meaningful deep breath, quality and flight. Full information on the festival’s program and more is available at www.midsummervilnius.com and for ticket purchase please access 


July 22, St. Ann and Rye Harvest Feast, Open-Air Museum of Lithuania, Kaišiadorys district

On 22 July (Saturday) 12 a.m. the St. Ann and Rey Harvest feast will be held at an Open Air Museum of Lithuania. At homestead of Miciunai there will be congratulations to Anne, rye cutting, bread baking and butter churning. Moreover, there will be displayed an exhibition of rye harvesting tools as well as many other activities such as songs, dancing and games. With submitted personal document all Anne, Ona and Anna will entrance free of charge, for toher the entrance fee is EUR 5.00, and schoolchildren, students and seniors – EUR 3.00. More info on the event can be found at www.llbm.lt 

July 22, Follow Your Dreams, A Piano Recital by Ieva Dudaite, Art Museum of Vytautas Kasiulis, Vilnius  

Do you remember your first love? Or the kindergarten bully, or who your best friend was when you were little? Well, pianist Ieva Dudaite can recall hers without any hesitation – the piano.

Starting to play when she was barely six years old, today the pianist can boast having a tremendous international career. Wherever she might happen to appear in concert, the performer has earned the warmest of receptions from audiences, and the high acclaim of professionals.

The diversity of her repertoire (from Baroque to contemporary music), the artistic quality of her appearances, her stage charisma – all are qualities typifying the soloist. However, her greatest charm lies in her ideally balanced youthful sense of fun and musical maturity. Ieva says that “man is a creature with aspirations, but I am blessed that my profession is also my dream”.

So, come and delight in the pianist’s embodied dream in a concert touched with romance. Program features L. van Beethoven, J. Brahms, A. Piazzolla and others. To buy tickets please use www.bilietai.lt and to learn more about the event please go to www.kristupofestivaliai.lt 

Open throughout July, Exhibition Unanimous Night, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

Unanimous Night is an ever-shifting exhibition in search of its author amongst unintelligible languages, sporadic clues, dysfunctional objects and literary connections. Departing from its earlier incarnation Unânime Noite, presented in 2016 at Bolsa de Arte gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the show is conceived as having no discernible beginning or end, existing equally in the real and imaginary realm. Drawing its title and inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges’ short story Circular Ruins, Unanimous Night invites the viewer to participate in these ambiguous processes, questioning who or what exactly are the real authors of the exhibition and its artworks. For additional information on this exhibition please go to www.cac.lt