EUR 144 million needed to continue health care reform next year

  • 2019-08-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA – EUR 144 million are needed to continue the health care reform next year, according to the Finance Ministry’s report on the budget expenditure at the disposal of LETA.

The biggest funding or EUR 58.9 million is necessary for the reforms related with improving availability of health care services. The funding would be used to increase the number of secondary ambulatory health care services and other measures.

Another set of measures, requiring EUR 24.3 million, will be used for improving health care services related with diagnosing and treating cancer. EUR 16.2 million will be used to reduce spread of infectious diseases, including hepatitis C and HIV. EUR 15.6 million will be used to improve availability and quality of primary health care services, EUR 10.1 million for strengthening mental health care availability, EUR 9.2 million for reform of health care institutions, EUR 6.5 million for improving efficiency of cardiovascular health care services, and EUR 5.2 million for rehabilitation services system.