Eternity Life Forum

  • 2022-09-06

Eternity Life Forum is a major event that brings together knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of studies conducted by scientists, doctors and curators of innovative programs. As part of the latest projects, developments will be presented that can radically change the quality of life and increase its duration, and, possibly, get the key to immortality.

The program of the event is designed to include all aspects that are interesting from the point of view of life extension: from the concept of biohacking and practical advice on how to extend life through simple habits, to the latest discoveries that will soon become an opportunity for humanity to gain immortality. Eternity Life Forum will also feature startups in the medical field. A separate block of the program of the event will be devoted to legal issues related to the creation of a medical business. The purpose of the forum, which will connect all its parts, is the desire to unite more companies for the development and improvement of the healthcare sector.

The best speakers are involved in the Eternity Life Forum - competent specialists in the IT, legal and medical fields, in particular, biologists, geneticists, biohacking specialists, oncologists, biochemists, researchers of brain neural networks, pharmacologists and others.

Because the forum will cover a wide variety of topics, Eternity Life Forum will be of interest to the average person and a medical expert who wants to expand their knowledge. Useful information will also be available to entrepreneurs who already have a medical business or are just about to open it.

The forum will take place on November 11 at the Atta Center - one of the largest innovation platforms in the Baltics (Latvia, Riga). This is a complex in which physical and virtual spaces intersect - those who wish from anywhere in the world will be able to attend the event.