Estonian police: Restrictions on movement between islands, mainland to change from Monday

  • 2020-05-02
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The West Prefecture of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board points out that the emergency situation rules will be changed to ease movement restrictions between Estonia's islands and the mainland from Monday.

Starting from next Monday, May 4, movement between the islands of Saaremaa, Muhumaa, Hiiumaa, Vormsi, Kihnu, Ruhnu, Manija and the mainland will be free for people whose permanent place of residence according to the population register is on one of the islands or who have a registered additional address or a permanent address of stay there. Also closest family members may move with them. Passengers' addresses will be checked at the port by the police.

People traveling to Saaremaa or Muhu islands for work will not be able to leave until May 18.