Estonian PM: Any business with Russia must have ended

  • 2023-08-24
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, leader of the Reform Party, has explained in a letter to fellow members of the party the scandal that erupted on Wednesday over her husband Arvo Hallik's Russia-related business, stressing that any business with Russia must be have been discontinued.

"ERR published a news item alleging that a company linked to my husband Arvo Hallik is doing business in Russia. I would like to explain the situation a little from my side. My husband holds a stake in the logistics company Stark Logistics. This company, in turn, has a customer -- the Estonian company Metaprint -- which has ordered the shipments we are talking about. My husband has explained that Metaprint has ordered shipments from Stark Logistics in order to cease production in Russia, in accordance with the law and the sanctions. I am sure that both companies will still be able to clarify their decisions and actions on this matter. Arvo does not have any customers that are entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation," the Kallas said. 

The premier said she continues to be of the opinion that all trade and business with Russia must be stopped for as long as the Russian invasion in Ukraine continues.

"I would also like to clarify the money issue. It has been reported in the media that I have lent 350,000 euros to Arvo's company Novaria Consult. It is a holding company active in the field of finance. I have already been repaid this loan in full. For the sake of disclosure, it should also be mentioned that, besides, I granted Novaria Consult a further loan of 20,000 euros in July, which is intended for investment purposes," Kallas said.

She said that if anyone has any questions, she is ready to talk openly about anything that pertains to her.

"I promise you that I have nothing to hide," Kallas added.